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    Update to MoH Maplist Archive Project

    Back in 2020 I created extensive maplists of DM and OBJ maps to try and make a record of all that were in existence. I included data such as authors, creation dates, etc.

    Here is an update since then on just the DM map side, as I have entered info for 47 MoH DM maps that have either been created or found since my last list in 2020. An update for the OBJ list will be coming soon.

    Link to updated list:

    Thanks to all who have helped keep MoH and the creations of its community alive!
    - The Shadow (William Davis)

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    Shadow would you have a copy of the Amigos3D maps from your list? I have had no luck finding them.


    dm/alliedBunker316 by Alexander Webb. Found walk around on youtube. Sent him a message.

    Thanks Killalot
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    I found Allied Bunker: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkkGFDu7Vkmiiuwf...jeyhg?e=yHSOS2 (SH/BT only)

    Edit: I was able to find the rest too. Good thing my map searching skills haven't faded too much over the years hehe.


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    Thanks Shadow! Your skills are better than mine!

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