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    Need help with toggle action animations

    So I was making a Luger pistol model and thought that I had the animations and process of making them figured out. However, out of curiosity, I decided to add more frames to the animation in LR3D to see it play out in slow motion... and was horrified.

    At face value you think that you only need to rotate the toggle parts' bones and 'set' the positions of the toggle parts in their respective frames. Presumably Lightray would automaticaly calculate the trajectory for the extractor as a straight path. But that doesn't happen.

    The extractor follows an arch trajectory between it's respective coordinates in the frames. In some tests the extractor was outright leaving the assembly and floating in the air.

    Can someone please help me with this?

    Luger P08 workings:

    I eventualy managed to create a new bone family tree that doesn't make the extractor jump out of the assembly.

    In the previous animations the family tree was set up like this:

    Chamber- moves back and forth the entire assembly;
    Toggle1- rotates the 1st half of the toggle mechanism;
    Toggle2- rotates the 2nd half of the toggle mechanism;
    Toggle3- controls the extractor wich is supposed to move back and forth.

    Tree: Chamber-> Toggle1-> Toggle2 -> Toggle3

    'Chamber' is parent to 'Toggle1' which then is parent to 'Toggle2' which is parent to 'Toggle3'.

    In this configuration the extractor 'jumps'

    In the new tree all the toggle bones are linked to the Chamber bone but not between each other. It branches from 1 parent bone to 3 child bones.

    It fixed the problem but I would still like to know why this happens in Lightray 3D.

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