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    MOD - Bazooka Med Easter Egg

    Download: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...med-easter-egg

    The Easter Egg that MOHAA Developers added into the game, is now easily accessible thanks to ley0k!

    How to launch this?
    - Place the pk3 file into your mohaa\main folder
    - Open the game
    - Open console and type: map exec_med
    - Open console and type: maplist
    - Then double click: exec_med.bsp


    Yes, you can successfully escape Bazooka Med, via various ways
    Either by not being found at all, or being found but he misses all his shots to kill you.

    I myself have found probably 13 spots by now. So give it a try for yourself!
    With this mod, you'll be able to try it non-stop

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    this is really neat, I like the skeleton warriors, but thats probly because of a skin pack thats in there lol

    havn't got through the tank level yet but it's very cool.

    unless the tank level isn't part of the mod and it was just running the next map.
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    Skeleton Warriors must be on you yeah xD Nothing to do with this mod.
    And yes, the tank level is just the next mission starting.

    Basically this mod just forced the original Easter Egg mission, and after that the Single Player missions continue as per usual

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