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    Custom Map The Hospital Infected (Umbrella)

    Has anyone seen or played this map?. Just came across video in Youtube last night of this map, and have never seen it. Anyone have a copy?

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    I've seen the video before.. but not the map no.
    I checked my database, as everything looks so familiar.. but apart from your own Resident Evil maps, these are the only ones that come close to the vibe:

    Because the video is French and in SH.. it might be the work of Foreign Legion.. but I'm not sure. His e-mail can be found in the files of the last 2 links I just posted though.

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    Thanks Shadow, I thought it looked like a Foreign Legion map also. I will send an email with hopes of finding that map. Looks fun
    EDIT: email foreign and email isnt valid, got returned
    Last edited by theripppa; 09-19-2021 at 01:59 PM.

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    I found a newer one of his, hopefully that works: foreign80@live.fr

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    Sent email to newer email also. No response yet, but least it didnt get returned.

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    Has Foreing Legion replied?

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    No reply yet Soares93

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