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Thread: Snow!

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    I finally got back to making a map... but I'm stuck where I left off.

    I want to add thick snow fall to my map. But I don't know what could be done with this script that will do that.
    I thought changing level.rain_density = "5" would do it. But if I make the number to large the snow will only fall along edges of the map.
    Seems level.rain_density = has limit of 10

    Am I just out of luck?

    	wait 1
    	level.rain_speed = "100"
    	level.rain_speed_vary = "25"
    	level.rain_length = "4"
    	level.rain_width = "2"
    	level.rain_density = "5"
    	level.rain_slant = "250"
    	level.rain_min_dist = "180000"
    	//level.rain_min_dist = "512"
    	level.rain_numshaders = 12
    	level.rain_shader = "textures/snow"

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    is there rainsections already in the map?
    I ask this because in the editor you have to have the rain section "where you want it to do it at"

    What I would do is edit a stock map that has rain built in then go from there.

    Having said that, I would check the db for a stock map that has rain by default, but someone already change it to snow. probly save you some time.
    Double check you have weather effects turned on.

    Checking for snow mods as well, I'm sure you'll find what you need.
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