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    Convert bsp to map

    Hi everyone. Simple question here, right now I'm using bsptomap to convert files but I got a map kinda broken. No static objets, some weird masive brushes all along the map, textures issues, lod terrain converted into brushes and many brushes are duplicated or insted of a simple brush it creates like four. I want to know if there's a better option to convert bsp files. I read something about map mate but I can't make it work, I got some errors when trying to use it. Hope you can help me, and sorry if the thread is duplicated.

    Ps: sorry for my english.

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    G'day mate,

    The bsptomap converter(s) only give you exactly what you've described. No static objects and a lot of duplicate brushes.
    I am unaware of any better way than to make them from scratch.
    There are some source maps of Allied Assault in the "Tools" section of the database, you can try, if that's what you want. mohaa-source-maps

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    Hey buddy. I was trying to decompile some custom maps to make new prefab based on some cool maps. What I'm doing now is take the messed up building I got and re do it all manually. Is the same but slower.

    I'm about to finish my first objetive map. Some adjusments and details and I'm done.

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    Thought I'd post just to let you know Acca that there is a much better decompiler out now. The guy who made it posted about it on xnull a while back.

    I've attached it for Lungenkreb here: https://www.x-null.net/forums/thread...ll=1#post38062

    The original thread is here: https://www.x-null.net/forums/thread...t=chrissstrahl

    It's a great tool. It keeps all static models in the map, all brushes are intact and not 'chopped up', it keeps detail or structural attribute, etc.
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    Cheers Smithy,
    I was thinking of making a decompiler long ago after finding the command on a Quake site.
    I guess I can now take it off my "to do" list.

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    It would be nice if all the sdk tools and stuff worked with linux better, they are all quite dodgy running under wine.
    I'm sure at some point I can get the map de-compiler to run when I find whats missing, but great find none the less.

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