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    Schatten map (new) by <TWL>Shadow

    Good Evening all,
    I am Happy to announce a new map I have just finished Called "Schatten."

    Its been a Long Road to releasing the map.

    First and foremost I would like to thank AccaDaccA for being the number one tutor in mapping.
    He has helped me out so much on my journey to creating my map with thousands of emails back and fourth answering questions on how to do things.
    you Rock man! I could not have done it with out you!!!! Thank you!

    1337Smithy, you have also helped me out so much with scripting on my Koi pond and exploding doors.
    Thank you!

    <TWL>Viper you have helped me a lot with design ideas and test nights figuring out issues I came a-crossed.

    If anyone else helped me on this and I have some how forgotten, Thank you!!!!

    I have made OBJ and TDM versions of this map. I had to make a Allied Assault version as well as Spearhead.
    I hope you all enjoy and put it to use!

    All I need now is someone to help me upload the map to the site database.
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    Holy crap Drew, you are actually releasing it in my life time? I never thought I'd see the day. lol
    Thanks for the kind words mate however most of my work was restricted to the koi pond and few suggestions here and there.
    Your map design, ability to take criticism, suggestions and advice, along with your eagerness to learn, withstood the test of time.... by some 4 or 5 years. lol
    I think I still have 50+ copies of it in various stages of the build. lol

    Yeah I'd be happy to upload it for you if need be. Just don't let Major_A do it without passing a sobriety test first. lol

    Thanks to Major for emailing me of this monumental, historical, event.

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    Uploading the map is one thing, but when you change or edit something, shit goes all haywire and stuff until they get out of the drupal thing.

    When you change something, sometimes the the text changes format or some other thing goes bat crap crazy, and before you realize whats going on,
    1 upload can take weeks to get it right if you don't catch all the booboos the first time around lol

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    Maybe you could upload it temporarily to google drive.

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