Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone with scripting or mapping experience can help me and look at this thread I have had up at xnull for a bit: https://www.x-null.net/forums/thread...7704#post37704

Basically I have finished another custom map however I cannot get it to load in SH/BT internet games as before the map loads I get an error stating "Bad Command Byte: -1". I can load the map fine in Allied Assault online however this doesn't do me very well as our server is on Spearhead lol. I can also load my map on single player on all 3 games without issue. On BT single player the console is full of a message stating "Delta request from out of date entitles" but the map is still loadable.

Can I fix this without having to alter the server or the game? (so that it is still convent for people to download and run themselves without extra modifications?) I don't understand why it is able to run fine on AA but not SH/BT (I am not using textures limited to just one game) The only unique factor in this map is that the map is all dark and lit up with func beams as shown here: https://tfbclan.freeforums.net/threa...&scrollTo=1657