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    Spherical Lighting: HELP

    Hi everyone. I am new here but i got some *Spherical Lighting problems.
    If i join the map/level from development-mode (join via MBuilder) console will spam
    the following problem:

    Console Spam...
    *Spherical Lighting: Ran out of space in the sphere array!

    This problem gives a lot of lagg. But if i add the .bsp file into the .pk3 file,
    and join in normal mode (DM) the spam in console is gone but the problem
    isnt gone! I can see the problem back in the FPS (framerate dropdown from: 190 down to 80).

    Is here anyone how can tell me how to solve this problem?
    Greets TWOGAMES / NL
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    Hey, if you want you can PM me the map and bsp files so I can take a closer look. I may be able to find out what the issue is.

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