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    Sites Discovered with lost maps ***WORKING DOWNLOADS***

    In my MoH map archive projects I have come across some useful sites.

    This site, a Wayback machine link to the long gone alliedassault.com has given me a picture of which early maps have been lost.


    More importantly, in searching for some of these lost maps I stumbled upon this website which I hope you guys will check out, there are many lost maps on here not on AAAA (within 5 minutes I found two - dacountryside, and courtyardbattle)
    ***DOWNLOADS HERE STILL WORK*** - so I and hopefully others should act now and try and get some of these maps, as I don't know if the website will stay online forever, and it may likely be the last place many of these maps are.


    - <T|F|B>The Shadow (Will Davis)

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    Cheers man!
    It seems to be basically the old gamefront website.. so I have practically everything.
    But, there are indeed some that I didn't have yet!

    I went through about 150 pages of maps xD and I downloaded everything that I wasn't sure of, or had different files for.. and slowly going through them now.
    Already found 3 maps I didn't have, and 1 where I could now enter an author name as this included a readme and the other version didn't.

    I haven't uploaded anything in a long time.. but I have more maps and other files lined up.. so I'll try and make the time to just upload it all in one go when I'm ready

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    Great to hear!

    The ones I found not on AAAA were:

    area51.zip (a test map by SuperKat86)
    citystreetlarge.zip (an early 2002 map by Edge) - different from ver. already at AAAA
    citystreetlargemoh.zip (an early 2002 map by Nmac) - different from ver. already at AAAA
    courtyardbattle.zip (by Big Ern)
    dacountryside.zip (by Da Crapper)
    failureland.zip (by [MC]General Failure) - this map is on AAAA however, the version at the DS database is slightly more updated with more added onto the map
    river.zip (by shaneballard2001@hotmail.com)
    silentstreets.zip (by Toni.R)
    swimmingpool.zip (by PluginGuy)
    themaze.zip (by [MOH]-Evil) - this map is different than mazes at AAAA, in game mapname= mohdm104

    Also, thanks for taking the time to save these maps along with others for upload at a later time. Appreciate you guys doing this!

    The Shadow (Will Davis)
    Last edited by <T|F|B>The Shadow; 06-02-2020 at 02:08 PM.

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    Cheers for the suggestions!
    I'll definitely check out the other version of Failureland

    I've found a bunch more that weren't on there yet (or were on there as DM only and not OBJ for example).

    Still only half way through the list I wanted to check out ^^ So I'm bound to encounter some more.
    I've also downloaded area51 and themaze now, thanks for that! I apparently missed those.. the others were still on my to-check list.
    It's so easy to overlook something when 10 maps have the same name, damn xD

    I've also added about 4 author names to files that had them previously unlisted.. also changed 2 titles of maps slightly.

    I'm also adding readme files to pk3s where they were missing (haven't uploaded those yet, just adding them on the pile for now).

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    That's great!

    I'll have to take a look at some of these myself. As for what you mentioned about the creators I'll try to make a list for you soon, as for dm maps I have around 50 maps with "creators discovered" largely from 2002 maps. I'm sure there are many for obj I can uncover too, just haven't went back and focused on them yet using the wayback.

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    Great job guys.
    I have sent you both version 1.0.4 of PK3 Explorer which has had about 17 new features added to help you both with these monumental tasks.

    I hope it cuts the workload times down for you.

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    Here are the creator's I have dug up only for the DM Maps thus far. When finished / in the future, updated lists can be provided as more are found.


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