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    PakRadar auto map downloader problems

    Hi Guys I'm having problems with the PaKRadar auto map downloader is this still a thing or massively outdated?

    I have downloaded and installed the mod from the anubis clans website. I contacted them as they have a custom map server running who told me to post here.

    The error I'm getting is

    "Failed to get a response from the database"

    I know I can just download the maps manually but I really want to get this working as its a really handy tool.

    Many thanks in advance

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    You might try different maps as the md5's were not made for all maps, so look for ones with an md5 number... This might be the issue your having idk

    DOUBLE CHECK TYPOS lol....this gets me alot!

    This is one of the things they are trying to figure out to do when they settle on a conversion from the old database format of drupal to something new.

    I had this working very well on my site, If I ever get another server to play with for free, I'd like to use it again!!!!

    I setup a free website at zohosites.com, just to do this bc it was free.

    I just found a free md5 maker and input my own md5 numbers

    I put this in the server.cfg file

    sets pr_downloads "http://gob-spearhead.zohosites.com/files/pr_config/filelist.txt"
    and in filelist.txt

        url "v6k.fi/cdxfiles/zzzzzzzz_nos-skin_0.pk3"
        md5 "a03ed5154a52cac6ba5a0752c10b574a"
        alias "dm/2ndAirbRangMap"
        url "v6k.fi/cdxfiles/user-2ndAirbRangMap.pk3"
        md5 "e7228570d6edb7a66e7e9ca92848d58c"
        alias "dm/10thMtn_Hedgerow_v3"
        url "v6k.fi/cdxfiles/10thMtn_Hedgerow_v3.pk3"
        md5 "dd13e4078b19a716842e0f0ab0d0a488"

    My fileslist.txt looks like this that had all skins and custom sounds It is still there so you should be able to test using my settings!!!!!!


    sets pr_downloads "http://gob-spearhead.zohosites.com/files/pr_config/filelist.txt"


        url "gob-spearhead.zohosites.com/files/mods/zzzzzzzzzz_Major_A_Clientfixr-V3.14.pk3"
        md5 "682648b31b824eae1206411a1f8aa995"
    Also in my server.cfg file I put something like this, just so people knew it was pakradar enabled server.
    sv_hostname "blah blah blah  -=PakRadar=-"
    You may even be able to just do this from the gameserver your already using, I did it this way to prevent download lag on the gameserver.

    It is a very nice system!
    It moves the files in and out of a special directory to save it so once you have the file, unless it changes, it just moves it back into your maita directory.
    IDK if Vate6000 is still around, he was going to send me some info on modifying gun parts from the torso file a few years back but I think he got involeved in other parts of life lol

    This is the md5 maker I used at the time

    I never did finish setting up the main site, but there are a few things there
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