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    Mbouilder don't create bsp file after compillation.

    Just like in title. Any ideas?


    Last edited by Suriel; 04-26-2020 at 12:51 PM.

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    Double Check your paths, and its also important when compiling a map that you have no custom skins, maps, or other extras in your main, mainta, or maintt folder.
    In the past I have forgotten to remove custom skin pk3 files and for the longest time couldn't figure out why my map wouldn't compile

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    That's odd that custom textures would prevent the compile.
    It's more of a rule of thumb to removed other pk3's just so you don't accidentally use any textures found in a custom pk3 then compile and pack your map without that (or those) textures.
    As I often work on a couple of maps at the same time, I have forgotten that number 1 rule (to remove pk3's) several times but it hasn't prevented the compile.
    Same with many others that have released map ".bsp"s with missing textures.

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    It's because there is a hard-coded limit of shaders that the compiler can read. If you have an excess amount of custom shader scripts it'll fail.

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