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    Updated MoH OBJ Map List **WITH CREATION DATES**

    Hey guys,

    Back in June of last year I had posted a thread here: https://forums.mohaaaa.co.uk/threads...light=creation
    This thread discussed my interest in finding out the creation dates of all MoH customs by checking the .bsp file in maps (which is usually untouched from the day it is compiled)

    So far I have finally finished going through all of the known OBJ maps made for MoH, and archived them myself personally. To my belief these dates should be 98% correct to within a few days of the original maps creation. Some maps I found had creation dates that were not 100% correct due to people messing around with .bsp files being meshed into map packs. In these cases I was usually able to open the .bsp files with hex editor and read the correct creation date under hex lines labeled (map time).

    Another plus of the list I will provide below is that I based this list off of the rcon one created by Shadow (Brian). So I have added any recent maps that were not listed in his list which I believe was made in 2013. My list also includes whether the map has an Objective for the Allies to complete, the Axis, or for both teams. There are also notes on any encounters I had with bugs/problems loading the maps, and if the map has been archived by AAAA or not. The file is an Excel document so users can mess around with sorting to see which maps are considered the oldest, and which are newer.
    I am currently somewhere near 50% done with an updated list of all MoH DM maps which will be posted in the future.

    Here is the OBJ List:
    ***NOTE*** You may have to download the file to read it, when you open it under one drive there seem to be errors viewing it
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    As I've mentioned on xNULL, I absolutely love this list! And good to know that my original list was of help

    I want to include this into my Tutorial Package as well, I'm planning to release an updated version over the weekend.

    My question is; do you happen to have an updated version of this list and/or the DM list (perhaps even single player)?
    I'm aware that you've most likely not finished everything yet.
    However I'd love to add anything you have at this moment already, if you'd be okay with that of course.

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    So as of late my college classes have all went online, so sadly I have been assigned more new things and have less free time...

    As for where the list currently stands, I have been going through the maps alphabetically. As I go through the AAAA database I add new maps to the list (if I do not see them already on the excel document). Then when I am finished I spend some time looking over other websites for newer maps I didn't catch from the AAAA database. Right now I have completed data on 922 out of 1578 listed maps. However I know that there are more than 1578 as I am going alphabetically and there are Ripppa maps for instance I haven't even reached that would fit later in the list. My guess is that there are closer to 1590 - 1600 maps total out there that will be present when my document is finished.

    *** I have also however, found numerous maps that had an unaccredited author that I either found lost readme files including the author- or have come to a conclusion who an author is (based on what I feel is detailed evidence, usually explained within the list I'm working on)***

    Your call on if you want me to send over what I have right now (I wouldn't mind either way), but just keep in mind beyond map #922 there are new maps that I still haven't added let alone gathered data on.

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    Oh yeah absolutely understandable!
    Just figured it would be nice to include what you have so far
    I (or you) could add a little note with it, to state that it's not a finished product yet, would make it clear to anyone who wants to check it out

    I've reached a point myself that I can't postpone my updated Tutorial Package anymore, or else I would have waited until it was completely done, but that'll be for a later version =D

    Just focus on your college classes and stay safe during all this

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    Thanks, sounds good-

    If you wanted to add anything this is what I have done as of right now


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    Awesome! Thank you
    Absolutely loving all this info combined into one file, can't appreciate it enough haha!

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    Just an update, and a rather exciting breakthrough.

    As I have been archiving and collecting data on maps for my charts I stumbled upon an exciting discovery via the wayback website machine. From a readme found inside a map pk3 I was able to find a large network of old websites one of which was alliedassault.com (sites that are long gone now). On alliedassault.com I have began to find the creators of several old maps, that have previously been listed as unknown on AAAA and other sites (as the creators made no scr with their name, no read me files, or readme's were lost when zip files were not saved). While the downloads to this old site are broken the information on the original creators is useful. I have also found other creators via maps on gamefront that still have their zip files. (often readme files get lost as they may not have been put in pk3 put alonside it in a zip file)

    I now have about 1100 dm maps done, with around 500 to go and hope to be done with an updated DM map list by some point in June. I will also consult these old sites to see if I can dig up more lost creators to give them credit. (I'm thinking I'll make a seperate word or notepad document for anyone at AAAA if they want to edit the files if/when the site is updated again for creators currently listed as unknown)

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    Hats off to you The Shadow, this would no doubt be a very time consuming project.
    It must be something with the name as our good friend "Shadow" / Brian manages to find the most painful projects to undertake then there's my good mate [TWL]Shadow who still hasn't released his map after three long years. lol
    I'm sure in some language "shadow" must mean masochist. lol

    I'm uncertain as to why the bsp date would be so important, I mean who really cares about it possibly being a few days off?
    Not meaning to discredit your efforts, just trying to understand why you feel the need for this.

    Now, on the other hand, finding the rightful map author is unquestionably obvious as to why anyone would make the effort.
    Brian and I had a hard time trying to decipher the originality of hundreds of sky textures introduced to the game. Most came from Quake maps and even then some of those came from maps of other games using the Q3 engine.
    We ended up just crediting the map author of who we thought introduced the set of sky textures to MOH, despite knowing full well they may have simply used the textures from another game title.
    Of course this is a different thing to the bsp author but we tried to give due credit to the rightful creator.

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    Hey AccadaccA,

    Thanks for the kind words, it really is funny too how many "Shadow's" there are within these communities lol.

    As to answer your question about the .bsp files, I have always been curious as to which custom maps were the oldest and I guess is partly a task I am just personally interested with. Within a pk3, the bsp usually still holds the date that it was compiled unless someone tampered with the pk3 so I like to have an accurate creation date for information continuity. A few days off is something that is ok in my eyes as obviously unless we knew the creators personally 100% accuracy is impossible. However, this could be significant as a map from 2002 being tampered with in 2011 is a significant date gap. Usually this process is pretty easy but sometimes if tampering has occurred I can use a hex editor and find "map time" in the code for the original compile date.

    The aspect with identifying the creator does not directly involve the .bsp usually but more older information people like Shadow (Brian) has gathered, the map's scr files, or readme's. The overall goal is for these lists are to provide users with accurate information on the aspects of the map (creator, bugs, compatibility, etc.)

    Overall I just have really enjoyed Medal of Honor as a game and is really one of the only games I have consistently played over the years. Making maps myself, I feel I would appreciate a work like this myself, to ensure all the hours of hard work these people put into their creations is recognized and archived.
    Last edited by <T|F|B>The Shadow; 05-22-2020 at 01:15 PM.

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    The base of a Shadow is that it is everywhere and sees everything =D

    Awesome that you found a lot more sites that hold precious information like that! I can't wait to see the end-results and I definitely would like a list in order to update the AAAA database to give everyone the credits they deserve .
    I agree with both of you to give credit where credit's due.. I hold that in high value. Unfortunately it's impossible to find EVERY author of every map or file.. but if it's within our power then it's worth the trouble of finding out
    Like Acca said.. sometimes you need to give credit to the file (or site) you've taken something from, when the author is unknown.. as it's at least better than giving no credits at all and at least it shows we're not simply stealing any work and acting as if it's our own.

    I love having the dates for every map as well, just out of love for the game and to see the progression of map making throughout the years and even how busy some mappers were and in what timeframe. It's not important information but just fun to have!
    Of course a few days difference makes no impact either on the overall picture. I am thankful you're doing this though TheShadow

    I remember when I was going through every map 1 by 1 to find the author.. I checked the download location, any included readmes, the map.scr, the UI/urc file (had it sometimes), the loading screen picture.. and if I still couldn't find it, I'd try to just google it and see what came up. I was able to find loadss of extra maps and other treasures thanks to this as well.. as I stumbled upon sites I'd never heard of or seen in the depths of the internet.

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