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    Problem after compiling map (black marks)

    when i compile .map to .bsp i got this problem:

    Any one know why i got this and how to fix it?

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    In the lighting stage of the compile, use "-bounce 0" as a flag. It looks like your typical radiosity lighting bug. Also, if it's a final compile, use '-final' in the lighting stage too.

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    Wow, seems fixed. Do -bounce 0 got any negative impact on map?

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    Nope. I think most if not all the maps were originally compiled with -bounce 0. Radiosity lighting is the reflection of light off different surfaces. E.g. light bouncing off a red surface makes a faint red colour on surrounding surfaces. You can specify how many 'bounces' the reflection will take, so setting it to 0 turns it off. It's just very buggy in MOHAA unfortunately, but you wouldn't really notice it's missing most of the time.
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    oh noooooo the dreaded scorchies don't let AccA see these lol

    look forward to seeing your map luis

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    Quote Originally Posted by legion View Post
    oh noooooo the dreaded scorchies don't let AccA see these lol
    lol I OWN scorch marks!!!

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