The following post happens to contain everything in the title LOL

Literally, sharing the Desktop HAHAHA
I had to post it bc it worked out great, mostly bc I can see the TV

3 machines, all EndeavourOS, gotta love it.

The special bracket came in today for the middle monitor...Now I got the middle one hung where it's supposed to go, used the fourth slot for a tiny extra monitor for working on computers, and had room for a food test computer ! :sandwich: :P

The laptop is running the extra monitor to test it out... and as a bonus, I can see the fishtank & the TV woohoo!!!!
Now I can do some stuff, when your computer chair is a recliner! :P

Monitor mount

Yes that's a quad mount, but hey why not plan ahead !:P
The mount is really quite sturdy & well built btw, also comes with clips for wire management.
Since the back is actually visible to others, I was thinking about glow-in-the-dark vines to dress up the back of the monitors and mount.

If for some reason your monitor doesn't have a removable stand and holes, some have vesa brackets available like this