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    Possible rebuild

    G'day folks, I've looked into updating the Map Mate public download several times but wanted to wind back to an earlier version of each utility to a time where I much preferred the coding.
    Due to an unfortunate series of events the original coding was changed several times for lesser alternatives that I was never happy with.
    By the time we discovered that the installation wasn't working properly, therefore causing the issues, most of the original coding was already swapped.

    I still use Map Mate on a daily basis when mapping and it all works as intended. I have tweaked a few little things that eventually irked me but it kills me to know that so many of you had difficulties with the installation and gave up on it.
    Well, I can only assume that from the lack of feedback compared to the downloads count.

    As you may imagine with so many utilities in the one program it became a tangled web of headaches trying to decipher one function from another (especially after many alterations to the code) and the ripple effect of each change, so I'd simply put it on the back burner yet again.

    As a true gluten for punishment, I've recently started a total rebuild of Map Mate (very early stage) but wondered about a few things.

    A) Would anybody care to use it?
    B) Would anybody care to beta test it? This would require constant feedback.
    C) Can I still upload it to this website since the change-over?

    It may be a few weeks yet before it's ready for testing and I'd like to add one utility at a time between installation tests to pin-point any unforeseeable issues.

    Server Mate will be a separate, stand alone program. As originally intended.
    I'm still undecided whether to revert Sky Mate back to downloading sky textures separately on demand (as originally designed) or keeping them bundled.
    Shadow and I took the time to upload all of the textures as separate zip files and the program worked a treat downloading any selected sky on demand before automatically installing it to your chosen map (textures and shader).

    Thanks to a recent request from Shadow I've made an alternative to Scorpio Midget's "PK3 View" / "PK3 Look" found in his "MohaaTools.exe", which I might incorporate into Map Mate.
    Not only does my version show the contents from a list of PK3 files and display selected textures (".jpg" & ".tga") like the original, it also plays the selected ".wav" sound files and opens any MOH text documents (".map", ".mus", ".scr", ".shader", ".tik", ".urc").
    It also give you the option to extract selected files from any pk3.

    Of course if there is no interest in the further development of Map Mate there is always an alternative "plan B", I can sit back and drink Beer.
    Just wondering if I'm flogging a dead horse, is anybody else still mapping for this game?

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    I whanted to create maps but the Radiant is very complicated to work.

    I would suggest you to make your program open source so someone could help you with him or to pick the program to make it better.

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    Shortly after posting this thread the site went down. I think it was just the domain registry but none the less it was offline so I didn't hang around for a reply.
    I've since turned my focus on creating another map and adding to my mapping tutorial.
    I've only now found the site functioning again.

    DoubleKill; I'm always happy to walk anybody through the process, give advice and make repairs to their map. In return it helps me think of things to add to my tutorial. Win win.
    I'd be more than happy to guide you through if you are willing to give it another go.
    The more questions you ask, the more you'll learn. So don't hold back. lol

    email: accadacca@hotmail.com with any questions or to send me what you've created.
    I've updated my tutorial a lot. It covers a lot of mapping topics and may help to at least get you started.
    Ultimate Mapping Guide
    Sorry I couldn't upload it to the Map Mate page as the FTP address has been changed.

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    Here is the short version of everything I just deleted haha
    Just to reply to your first post, I'd love to use it, and have wanted to for a long, atm though for me constant feedback is an issue, however, having one I can test when I get the chance would be great!

    I have several converted maps from other games I'd like to finish.
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    Major A: Cheers buddy, we were on a fast, productive roll with it for a good time (about a year) and at that pace we really needed a half dozen testers who were set up to map.
    The feedback and suggestions from both you and Shadow were invaluable and greatly appreciated. We made an awesome team.
    You guys were instrumental in keeping me "in the zone", despite Shadow not being a mapper and you switching OS during the build. I'm surprised that the wheels stayed on for as long as they did. lol

    I've been deeply in mapping mode lately and loving this new map more than I've ever liked any map. But the current glitch I'm facing with it just might see a return to programming.

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