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    RE: snipers, yes, I may actually allow you to pick up a sniper and maybe a BAR in the final battle against the church. I did think about adding a sniper battle in the town similar to Sniper Town in the original levels, but so many people hated that mission so I didn't want to annoy anyone. But yeah, I'm planning to do some sniper stuff in the 3rd and final act of the mission .

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    I think on second thoughts, I'll see whether I can tweak those textures. I've done it for others so why not those as well. I'll try and make them a bit darker so they blend better with the environment.

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    Well I'm glad you can be lazy at times :P Cause although finding a perfect map is great, it's a lot more fun when you're testing something and actually spot something that shouldn't be there. As a tester that really gives you a boost to continue.
    Plus I love going into spots you shouldn't be able to go to.. in regular maps as well. Keeps me sharp in a way.
    And it's definitely really difficult to find bugs in your maps xD

    I had a feeling the orange shrubbery was to represent autumn, but as you said, it's a bit too bright compared to the rest of the environment. So it definitely would be great if you manage to reduce the brightness, but it's not like it's really damaging either way .

    The little easter eggs are great as well, really adds on to a map and make you enjoy it even more. Also shows that the creator had fun in designing it.
    The white room is still loads of fun as well, really giving me that Quake vibe. The shotgun is also excellent throughout the mission for the close combat battles.
    Noticed the MP40 'hidden' as well, extra bullets were nice for the last part.

    Also great to hear about some upcoming sniper stuff! I'm all for it!
    The original Sniper Town mission can be annoying yeah, but that's mostly due to a few snipers kinda being bugged/invisible on top of the furthest rooftops.

    Can't wait for the final mission!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway, and I appreciate the feedback and time taken to test! It makes it more worthwhile when other people take part in my carefully choreographed orchestra that are these MOHAA levels ha.

    Oh, and I've modified the flora now. Hopefully it will look more realistic and subtle:

    This look better?

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    Oooh that's definitely a lot better! Looks a lot smoother and blending into the atmosphere

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    The church you'll be assaulting in the final act... Sniping soldiers who are up high, blowing up defensive emplacements below...

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    That's a beautiful piece of work.. can't wait to take it all down!

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    Thats a cool looking building!

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