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    Hud on screen messages

    Hi folks, need a little assistance here. Can someone provide a working example of how to add on screen messages to my mohaa server? I would really appreciate any help I can get.


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    Theres 3 types of messages you can use on the server:

    1 - The console printing the messages on the top

    2 - The ones printing on the left side in yellow

    3 - The ones uses a fix place on the screen and refresh to put another one

    Witch one you whant?

    Or if you take a screenshot from the one you whant, will be easy to tell you how to do it.

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    Sorry it took so long getting back here. I would like options 2 & 3. I want to have a few messages that would show on all maps across the bottom center and then a few map specific messages in yellow on left side. Could you provide working examples of both? I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide me.
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    On this post theres a mod you can use to show the messages you whant:

    Message Center

    If you have problems in putting the mod working tell me so i can help you.

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    Thanks Doublekill, I will check into it.


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