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    MOH Radiant not loading textures for some reason

    Hi all I'm new to mapping for MOH as I would love to go back to one of my favorite games of all time and attempt some new content for it but I'm having a problem. I've followed the installation for the MOH Radiant close enough: set my dir to point towards my install int he project settings and installed the entdefs.pk3 file in the main folder, yet for some reason when I start the program up it doesn't load any textures for me. I noticed in the little console window at the bottom it says "0 files in pk3 files" which leads me to believe it's not reading it somehow. I figured maybe the fact that I have the warchest version on Origin might be part of the problem but any help would be appreciated.

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    Here's my project settings, I assume yours will be slightly different if it's Origin. The basepath is the most important.

    Also try to run Radiant as administrator.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll try your suggestion when I get home. I might just get it on gog if I have to since it seems to work for you.

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    So I tried running it as administrator and still doesn't seem to work. I think I might just try getting the gog version then. Maybe Origin has some sort of security refusing to let the program read the pk3 files or something I don't know.

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    idk if you have win 7 or not or what 8 or 10 have in them but when win 7 came out, the virtualstore option wreaked all sorts of havoc with my moh install by hiding parts of it in the virtualstore section,

    I had permission issues as well.

    A big clue to the virtualstore issue was takeing a screenshot, I couldn't find the screenshot directory bc virtualstore hid it.

    I don't think where you got the game is the issue, but keep at it and hope to see something soon.

    idk if that's the issue, I'm just offering a possible cause.
    I started installing the game to non-default directory, then made copies of the fresh install.

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