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    MAP: UKS_Remagen

    G'day folks, I've got another one for you.

    It's a fun, feasible, custom take of the Remagen source map.
    The build was commissioned by !<UKS>! snapper, =|LuV|= legion.
    There's lots of customization to explore without being over-done.






    Hope you like it.

    Thanks to DoubleKill for uploading it.

    Dang this post just won't delete. I've tried twice.
    The map has been temporarily removed due to some new found issues. Sorry.
    Last edited by AccadaccA; 03-31-2019 at 03:26 AM. Reason: found issues

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    bummer, you trying to delete it?
    Guessing theres an issue and not ready...but everyone loves previews...They keep us coming back!

    duh you said it already...another example of brain not functioning late at night!

    However, as I said, previews are a good way to get onlookers waiting for new stuff!
    Last edited by Major_A; 03-31-2019 at 04:28 AM.

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    shhh, you didn't get it from me. *nudge nudge wink wink*

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    Dang, if only this happened today, April Fools Day, instead of yesterday. lol

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    Awesome Map! We will test it tomorrow night 4/4/19

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    Cheers mate.

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    All the guys thought it was a great map! Its is an awesome map with it opened up the way you rebuilt it. Thanks!!

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    Thanks again, Killalot.
    Hopefully it was free of flaws.
    It has been sitting completed for 3 months awaiting the final bug test by Shadow & Noiz, before Shadow went A.W.O.L.
    And of course as soon as we went ahead with the upload (without them) I found a handful of flaws. lol Murphy's law.

    If you find anything amiss please let me know. accadacca@hotmail.com

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    Since pulling the download down, news has reached me about two other issues I wasn't aware of.
    1/. Shoot the right-hand door of the delivery van enough and the vehicle disappears.
    2/. Players being able to get under the map.

    Whilst I have resolved the disappearing van issue, I still don't know where or how players can get under the map.
    If anyone knows can you please forward the information on to me.
    A screenshot of the precise area would be greatly appreciated.


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