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    Adlerberg Map (New) - Looking for map testers!

    Calling all mappers and MoH players!

    I have just about finished my second map, and am preparing the final release for in the next week or so. I was hoping that a few mappers and other community members (maybe Smithy, Shadow or AccadaccA) could test drive the beta version which I will attach in this thread to look for any problems, errors, or bugs that could be removed before I make a final version.

    Anyone on the forum feel free to test this map and let me know of any issues! Just please don't distribute this version for gameplay as I will release an official version after this testing phase.
    Thank you!

    - <T|F|B>The Shadow

    Map download:


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    I playtested it and gave feedback on your X-null thread . I also sent a PM there with map.

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    Sorry for the delayed response I haven't been here for a week or so.

    Thank you for including my name to your short list of possible testers. I feel honored.
    I haven't been to xNull to see what anyone else has said about it so here goes.

    Mate, the map is freaking awesome!
    You said that this is only your second map, friggin' amazing!

    If I were to nit-pick, there are a few minor over-sights that I'm sure other testers may have pointed out already.
    One fuse box is away from the wall, one crate is untextured on one visible side, a pair of locked doors without sound and the wrench not fitting that toolbox.
    If you already know about these then please disregard otherwise I have taken screenshots showing their locations linked here.

    Great job all 'round.
    Even your textures are nicely aligned. That scores big with me. lol
    Last edited by AccadaccA; 02-05-2019 at 07:24 AM.

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    We played this last night.

    I died alot.


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