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    I kind started to use this place with out even introducing my self. So hello everyone, you can call me Beaver I also go by the username Sinpy. I'm from Indiana, USA I've been playing MOH ever since I was a kid. I'm currently a member with The Forgotten Battalion clan. I've been with the clan for four years now. I used to be a member of the {Dogg. P} clan (The Dogg Pound) till their server went down and was forced to make a new one with our clan leader The Shadow. I know few things about scripting and editing MOH files, but I'm mostly into map making. I haven't finished a map yet due to so many Ideas for other maps. I'll get one finished some day...Few other things about...My favorite weapon is the Enfield L42a1 and the Vickers-Berfthier, oh and land mines. Yes, I'm a breakthrough user...My top three maps Gewitter, Flughafer and The Crossroads. I like to play Liberation and Basebuilder with airplanes long as there aren't any OP guns. I like furry things, lights, building/fixing things in my free time. I'm shocked I got this far with my poor grammar skills. So If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message.
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