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Thread: Morocco

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    I've not been doing a great deal of mapping the last few months, but I'm getting back into it. Here is another one of my projects.

    Note: My Normandy map is not far from completion (just need to finish a town, some end objective scripting etc) and will be ready for everyone to play in the near future.

    Morocco, a hidden Axis base is the target, sabotage is the goal :

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    Ooooh yes!! Can't wait to test it out
    Love me some new maps and challenges.

    Also, not sure if it matters too much, but there's already a custom map out there with the same name: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/morocco
    (assuming you're naming it just 'Morocco' I figured I'd let you know)

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    Haha, yeah, DK mentioned this on Discord, but thanks for the heads up!

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    Coming along nicely... There's plenty I'm not showing .

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