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Thread: AAAA Legacy

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    AAAA Legacy

    Hi all sorry I am not able to continue to support this legacy with so much regret......

    Ubersoldier for the past year been keeping it going also Xnull.... thanks all - sorry at present I cant continue

    At present we are 32 in debt to gaming deluxe for this month which I can not pay........

    For those that want to keep it going I will hand over...


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    When's the renewal date/deadline ?
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    I believe I will take this over, to make sure it never goes away. Free hosting is easy. But... I have some questions as to exactly what I'm in for by doing so.

    Initially, I will foot the bill to keep it in-situ. Then I will work to migrate to newer platform. I will make sure it stays available to the public forever.

    Please email me (todesengel@todesplace.org) info on how to pay the current hosting company, and I'll get the pressure off. We can then discuss migration/updates etc.

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    deadline today ...32 needed to keep open this month,have spoken with HSB and he will downgrade the dedi if possible to keep it running !
    comon guys hit the donate button ...NoW !!!

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    If funding is not met, what will happen to all the files (mods/maps) uploaded at the AAAA database? Will they all be lost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by <T|F|B>The Shadow View Post
    If funding is not met, what will happen to all the files (mods/maps) uploaded at the AAAA database? Will they all be lost?
    Yeah we will lose everything in MOHAAAA website and Forum and M.A.W servers everything related with this Host
    Greetings : -{[T_P]}- BeroO -{[CF]}-

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    No BeroO, we're working on a plan to make sure the content survives. I'm sure we'll work something out.

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    Well done, everyone!

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    Hello everyone
    How it stands related to the hosting?

    Update please!!

    I tried to keep my support but now i can't get access to donate option!!
    Where can i donate to?

    Best regards


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    morning pacrac....
    we came very close to losing everything ...but with help from the good people over at x-null we are just about surviving....
    hosting will remain with HSB and myself ...as long as all make the donations on time ...
    we are downsizing ,many clans have had to reduce server amounts ,so every donation is critical to the server hosting surviving.
    donations button is working ,as far as i know !!!

    edit : aaaa website donations button needs fixing .....in tcadmin ,manage your server ,there is a donations button there !!!
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