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Thread: Custom Avatars?

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    Custom Avatars?

    Just curious on how to upload a custom avatar? All I saw under settings were per-defined avatar's like batman lol

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    Well that is the correct place to go..
    Settings (Top Right) -> Edit Avatar (Bottom Left)

    Then for me it shows:
    - Current Avatar
    - Custom Avatar
    - Pre-Defined Generic Avatars

    And below Custom Avatar I can choose to upload an avatar or place a URL to an image.
    Is this not showing for you?

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    Okay, I found the permissions box. Every registered user should be able to upload a custom avatar now!
    Let me know if it's visible & working now!

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    Thanks Shadow,
    one of these days maybe when Heatsink gets some time to figure out permanent whitelist since stupid internet keeps changing my ip addy.
    He's probly as busy as I've been since I got new job.

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