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    Problems with textures

    Not sure if this has been answered previously (if it has, feel free to point me in the right direction), I just finished designing a real basic room in MOHRadiant but when I play the map in Allied Assault, the floor texture don't show up; all I get is a big yellow plus (the sky texture, on the other hand, work fine). I feel like it's an easy fix but I'm not quite sure how. Thinking about it now, is it possible that I used textures from either Breakthrough or Spearhead, and they're just not compatible with Allied Assault?

    Note: I'm using MBuilder to create the .bsp (if that makes a difference).


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    Hey, the problem should be easily exposed.

    What texture are you using? Like you say, it's probably a texture from Spearhead or Breakthrough, which you can use in AA by moving files over to /main.

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    Include the textures used by your map in the map's pk3 file.

    Just like custom textures ...
    A copy of the textures themselves would need to be placed in a folder
    of your map name inside a "textures" folder.
    They will require a mention in the shader file, with the new paths, in your "
    scripts" folder.

    If need be, I'm sure you'll find a tutorial on custom textures in the database here.

    Good luck

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