proG4M3 Objective MOD ** NEW **

This MOD was made on an attempt to improve the dynamism of the Objective mode and also to make the game more FAIR and BALANCED.


With this mod you will have these new features:

1. BOTH TEAMS have the opportunity to DEFEND and ATTACK. There will be a TEAM SWITCH after 7 rounds.

2. On Screen Animated Message announcing the TEAM SWITCH. Team switches sides between the messages.

3. Player's Alive Counter on screen. You will have a onscreen message showing how many players are still alive from your team.

4. Last Man Stand Feature. An Alert will pop up when u become the last player from you team alive. "You are alone!" message will pop up onscreen.

5. HUD message counting Round Time LEFT.


In this mod includes 2 fixes:

MAP V2 ROCKET: V2 Rocket is solid now and you cannot shoot through it.

MAP ST.LO: The Big Rock in front of the church is not solid and you cannot shoot through it

COMPATIBLE MAPS: obj/obj_team1; obj/obj_team2; obj/obj_team4; obj/stlo; obj/renan; obj/vsuk-abbeybeta; obj/BA_stalingradobj; obj/rockbound; obj/Tirtagaine-Kechtat_obj; obj_FallenVillage; obj_laboratory; obj_V2shelter


Hope you all like it.

Good Clean and Fun Game!