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    Evening Strike Map

    Re-uploaded my map, This is the first custom map I've attempted. Hope you all enjoy it!


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    We played this the other night in ICCC. It played nice and worked great!!!!!
    You blocked all the roofs!!!! lol
    If I can't get on them, then you did a good job blocking them!

    ....but I want on the roofs lol

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    As of July 15, One of my clan mates discovered a significant bug that allowed players to get under the map, To fix this I edited the map and have posted a new version that has blocked off this error.
    If you have a previous version of Evening Strike archived/downloaded prior to July 17, 2018 I would appreciate if you delete it and use this fixed version.

    Thank you all for downloading my map!

    Fixed version:


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    I tried out the map, I must say that I really love the design & layout! So much to see and objects to use. I didn't check every single room in every house, although I did find a hidden room, and I love those! (Found it within 3 seconds of spawning even xD).
    The FPS is a bit bad when you look towards the centre of the map.. it drops to ~40 for me.. whilst everywhere else is 250+. I'm not sure how bad it will be whilst fighting, cause I only checked the map out on single player.

    I did my best to find flaws, but every single ledge, box, object, door, railing I tried to abuse was blocked off or too far or too high so I couldn't abuse them xD Very well done!
    HOWEVER, they don't call me a Map Buster for nothing.. In your Fixed version (yes downloaded today, on the link you provided on your last post), I found a way to get under the map and that same way I can use to get onto several roofs, walls and kind of run free on a large part of the map where I shouldn't be able to go

    I'll post the screenshots for you (on how and where I did it) in my next reply, but first I would love to see your reaction haha.

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    Thank you for your feedback Shadow!

    I would be interested to see some of the bugs, as I know there were some areas I probably overlooked. As for the fps I did struggle to understand how to set up the vis groups which would explain why some areas have bad fps. As for playing on my server though my cpu seems to be able to play without any significant lag so I didn't worry too much about it. I do believe I will continue mapping and am currently working on a slightly smaller map so hopefully I can get the fps to be a bit lower.

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    No problem

    Yeah AccadaccA has the same FPS issues when he creates his maps. Smaller maps definitely do the trick in fixing that more (and possibly less objects).
    The map itself looks great though, so you should definitely continue mapping!

    Here are a few of the bugs I found: http://www.mediafire.com/file/59laxz...trike_bugs.zip
    In total there are 4 different 'bugs', some have multiple screenshots. 2 are just visual bugs (and not that harmful or anything).
    1 is just a bit of a sneaky/dirty spot to use, and 1 is getting on a roof & underground.

    Hope it helps

    Edit: I found another (2nd) way to get on a roof and outside the map / underground. I re-uploaded the file and edited the link above if you didn't download it yet.

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    Ah, I would have never guessed the barn door would be a possibility to get to the roof, interesting to know. Also just curious do you have a special mod or something to see the FPS represented in that manner? When I type fps 1 in game and look it shows the FPS but only on a scale from about 70 - 96. Also other numbers show up near the fps which I am unfamiliar.

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    You can increase your fps by increasing the value of your com_maxfps command.
    Mine is set to 250, it gives me the most stable FPS (com_maxfps 250 in console).

    The other numbers 'apparently' could be used to locate players, MOHAAC's mohaa.exe removed it, and I'm still using that mohaa.exe, thus it looks cleaner.

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    Regarding the VIS leafgroups, they are quite a pain to implement so don't worry too much about them. Looking over your map a lot of triangles are rendered in any given location, but that is to be expected if the map was designed without a comprehensive knowledge of how structural/detail/hint brushes work in harmony. I've been there many times when I did my first maps lol...

    When you start your next maps, have that in mind. Rule of thumb is try and not have too many structural e.g. intricate work like trim, stairs, broken pieces of wall etc.. should be detail, and any larger brushes you don't need to hide stuff behind. Structural brushes basically carve your map into areas that hide / render those areas depending on where you are in the map. You fill in gaps like windows, doorways, stairwells etc.. with hint brushes which act like invisible structural brushes so you can seal off an area.

    I thought I'd show an example using one of your rooms:


    Now parts of this room can be made to detail, like the broken pieces of wall, the stairs, the door frames, the boxes, trim etc... Some of which you already did. But, for example if you hide the details (CTRL+D) you may notice gaps underneath that shouldn't be there. So you place structural caulk where needed. In this case, underneath the stairs requires sealing off. This is what it looks like with the detail brushes hidden (notice the caulk added underneath the stairs):


    Now that jagged edges and small brushes like the stairs are detail, it makes it easier for the compile to break the room up. But there are gaps... Now, it may be the case that this room will automatically render at the right times, but to help the compiler again you can use hint brushes to seal it off:


    Again, you've used these elsewhere but you need to make sure that it is completely sealed off either by structural brushes or hints. There isn't really any typical size of these brushes, just shape them to fit your level geometry (I've had hints closing off entire landscapes in my levels by hugging them against the skybox, for example).

    What it looks like with everything shown together:


    It doesn't matter that the hint overlaps the details as the compiler will only recognise the hint as the structural seal.

    You may or may not be aware of how it works but these are just techniques I've learnt by decompiling the original levels and viewing them in Radiant to see how it's done, much like I've done here . Then, when in the map in-game, in console type 'r_showtris 2' and it will show you everything that is rendered in your given location. Move around and see what disappears and reappears depending on where you are. You should really see stuff popping in and out all the time as you move around. If you don't it suggests that your map is not broken up enough to cull areas you can't see without wireframe enabled.

    Oh, and you should always compile your map in full vis (no 'fast' attribute checked) to give you the best calculations.

    If after all this with rooms being hidden when you're not in them and players still have problems with their fps, it might be worth adding vis_leafgroups.

    This is the documentation that came with the SDK: http://homepage.tinet.ie/~abyrne/sdk..._tutorial.html

    They are a bit of a pain to implement but it gives you complete control on what to hide where.
    Last edited by 1337Smithy; 07-23-2018 at 01:04 PM.

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    Just wondering about the r_showtris command, when I do it I don't seem to see stuff inside buildings behind where I did put hint texture over the doors disappear, is that normal?

    I tested r_showtris on Southern France and noticed some stuff disappeared but I believe it was objects inside a large visgroup box (from what I had seen on the .map of mohdm1)

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