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    Totally agreed, Steam was a real bastard at first and it deterred me from several games. But now they've made it a lot better, more user friendly.
    To this day my son absolutely refuses to buy and play any game through Steam. Although he had no problem jumping on my PC to play Fallout 4. lol
    Now we have to get used to an Xbox Live account.

    I recently bought two hard drives for us to each have a clean install of Windows 10, just for this game.
    I set both up and everything was fine until I purchased the game on his system using my Paypal details for him. Then purchased the game again on my system for my installment of it.
    That caused the Microsoft account to have an aneurysm which changed his Windows 10 login to my name even though it kept his log-in password and email details which is in his name. FFS
    I have resolved that issue but I think its stupid in that sense.

    This morning I was able to install the game on my system but it still won't install on his system even though both PCs are identical bought at the same place at the same time.
    As it was I paid AUS$50 more than the current exchange rate for this game (X2) so I'm not exactly "a happy little Vegemite" just yet.
    Hopefully I can have it sorted and installed before my son wakes up or at least by the official release time in 15 hours.
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