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    First Eastern Brown snake for the season.

    After months of nagging my son to mow the yard I grabbed the mower myself and wheeled it to the driveway gates.
    I was asked to mow my mate's rental property (a few blocks from here) as he lives two hours away in the bush.
    Along the way to my side gates I was intercepted by an Eastern Brown snake (2nd most deadliest snake species in the world).
    Although we'd had plenty of them in the yard and house over the 25+ years of living here, this is the first I've seen in my yard this year.
    I was about one foot away from it when I saw it which scared the crap outta me. lol

    Still holding onto the mower I took a step back and we both just stared each other out for about minute or so.
    Its only a juvenile of about a foot or so in length. So that means that more of them could be close by.
    Also being a juvenile brown means it is aggressive, dealing with confrontation head-on as opposed to most other species that tend to avoid human confrontation.

    We were in a confined space of about a meter between the house and the car port and there isn't an alternative path.
    I decided to cautiously continue pass the snake and it bit one of the rear wheels of the mower.
    I jumped back and completely lost site of the snake. Not a good thing.

    Thinking that it could now be under the mower, ready to strike at my feet I took a huge jump to the side/front of the mower, grabbed the handle and dragged it out to the front yard as fast as I could over rough terrain where I tipped the mower onto its side to look for the snake.
    The mower actually rolled 180 degrees landing upside down with fuel leaking out of the cap so I rolled it again, back onto its wheels then onto its side as first intended.
    No sign of the slippery little sucker.

    It could be on top of the round disc that the blades bolt onto or even in the grass catcher.
    I really don't want to load it into the back of my vehicle (Land Cruiser station wagon) where it could slither into a new hiding spot inside the car itself.

    Its currently 32 degrees Celsius so I don't feel like walking the four or five blocks to my mate's house dragging the mower behind me.
    I guess he'll just get more nasty letters from the local council. lol
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    Meanwhile in England you get 3 or 4 types of snakes, with the 'most dangerous' being the adder. And by dangerous, I mean there's only 14 known fatalities with the last one happening in 1975 (young boy). Grass snakes are pretty common here apparently. I've never seen a wild snake here before though. Pretty much nothing is dangerous to your health here lol.

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    If the "adder" is the same as our "death adder" then, to me, you have one of the most dangerous.
    Those bastards hide under fallen leaves wriggling the tip of their tail just hoping for someone to come calling. That's just f'king sadistic.
    Less fatalities doesn't make the snake any less fatal.

    I saw an American documentary type show on National Geographic (satellite TV). "The world's top 10 most deadliest snakes".
    Although the informative program recognized the Australian Inland Taipan (a.k.a. Fierce snake) and Eastern Brown as having the most lethal venom in the world (one drop can kill over 100 adult men and they have been known to bite the same victim 6 or 7 times) it named the American rattle snake as the number one most deadly simply on the fact that more stupid Americans were bitten and killed by them than there has been stupid Aussies being bitten and killed by Eastern Browns and Inland Taipans combined. And even then, you only have 10 - 15 minutes to kiss your arse goodbye after being bitten by either of the Aussie / world's top two.
    "It has been estimated that 7,0008,000 people per year receive venomous bites in the United States, and about five of those people die". Taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o..._United_States
    "The most toxic venom of U.S. species belongs to the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus), although this snake is only ranked #23 on the list of most toxic venoms." taken from http://ufwildlife.ifas.ufl.edu/venom...ake_faqs.shtml

    If they were going to base their countdown type program on fatality statistics then it should have been called "The worlds top 10 most stupidest nations". lol
    For crying out loud, the rattler gives both a visual and audio warning in a "song and dance performance" even more so than the cobra. FFS Were as anything in Aus skips all of that trash talk and just starts off swinging punches.
    Plus the Eastern Brown is found Australia wide, in every state and territory it just has a different name in Western Australia (the Western Brown or "Gwardar") and it has up to 16 known colour and pattern variants.
    And believe it or not they are more commonly found in built up areas of civilization. So the odds of being bitten in Aus are 100 fold which only makes those particular yanks, that have been bitten, look even more stupid.
    I'm sorry I mean no disrespect but c'mon. If a distinctly known venomous snake is all up in your face making a rattling sound then step away idiot.
    Our guys are silent, more plentiful, more lethal, they stay low to the ground and have no less than 16 disguises. Do the math.

    I used to walk the local bush here every day for a good 20+ years. We are only 5 houses away from the edge of the bush.... or what's left of it.
    In all of that time I have only seen less than a dozen snakes in the bush and of those about 5 eastern browns. Yet I have seen, captured or killed dozens of eastern browns in residential properties.
    In a two month period I once killed 6 eastern browns under the house directly across the road from us and two more eastern browns on the school oval directly behind my back fence. That's just in two months yet it was more than the number of browns spotted in the bush over twenty odd years. I have also seen them on a couple of occasions beside the highway which is four large residential blocks away from the nearest bush.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1337Smithy View Post
    Pretty much nothing is dangerous to your health here lol.
    Says the man from which nation drinks warm beer. lol

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    Some fool awhile back was tying to Quote "repopulate a rattle snake species " in one part around here"
    These animal idiots don't realize they are rare because they kill the hell out of people, and if they manage to live, it's excruciatingly painful!

    He wanted to put them on an an island someplace around a reservoir waterway...

    This moron must not have a clue that snakes swim and float and reservoirs flood!

    People in general kill these things in the past to keep the future safe, and then there's those morons...idk what happened to the story in the end but
    if it's bad and real close to me, I'd see to it you got a copy of what happened to me and that "un-named local guy" that went berserk with a flame thrower....

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    Trust me, idiots are everywhere.
    There was some idiot on the news here a while back. He picked up an Eastern Brown thinking it was a legless lizard.
    He was planning to scare his mates with it by pretending it was a snake. Um... hello dickhead, it was / is a real snake. A f'king deadly mother.
    He held onto to it long enough for it to bite him 7 times before the bloody fool realized that lizards don't bite with two long fangs so it must be a snake. Dur

    The dickhead survived and could possibly multiply. That thought scares me more than the snakes. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by AccadaccA View Post

    The dickhead survived and could possibly multiply. That thought scares me more than the snakes. lol
    I've read that and laughed so hard so many times I finally had to to say that, that saying applies to so many people, and not just with snakes.

    I am tho reminded of another fool that was taking a selfie with a rattle snake awhile back.

    I'm pretty sure that that Captain Dumbass made it as well.

    Ah yes, here it is...WHOA 150,000$ doctor bill!


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    Major, The article you linked also tells of a woman taking a selfie with a bison.
    If these two (bison woman & rattle brain) ever get together we could be in some serious shit. lol

    It kind of reminds me of another pair of twits, oh wait that was the most recent US presidency candidates. lol
    A population of over 323 million and those two were the best you could come up with? I'm not saying that we do much better but I'm embarrassed for you all the same. Sorry bro.

    Getting back on topic;
    The other day my son reminded me that of the 25 most deadliest snake species in the world, 21 of them reside in Australia.
    Just as well all of us ware thongs (flip flops) as safety footwear. lol

    That reminds me of the comments following a video that I recorded and posted on facebook some time ago.
    I was trying to defend my "Rainbow lorikeets" (birds) from a big brown snake. It was not long past dusk and very hard to see plus I had the phone in one hand using the camera to video it.
    Perhaps a silly thing to do in itself but I was unsure of how to use the built-in flash light and knew it worked when video recording.
    One of my mates commented about the video saying that I shouldn't be running around in the dark chasing a snake bare foot.
    At first it would sound like good advice but when you think about it how many snake bites are delivered to a foot? They're usually legs (calves in particular) or arms.
    From the snake's perspective, why strike parallel to the ground when you have a human towering over you in height? The snake's focus would be up at the bulk of the intruder.

    Speaking of which, three nights ago a snake got into my aviary and got my lorikeet, "Trav".
    It was only a scrub python (carpet snake) and to make matters worse it was too small to swallow the bird. So it was a senseless killing.
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    Stupid snakes.

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    Well if that just don't top it off for killer wildlife over there for you.....

    With all you have of wildlife that will kill you, I was watching my science show last night and wouldn't you know...

    Because of flooding, you got a golf coarse with sharks in the water hazard ponds!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that!

    Although, I'd rather have sharks than alligators like our southern states have, but I bet you've got crocs too lol

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    lol Wasn't it Greg Norman the professional golfer they called "The Shark"? I think he is an Aussie if I recall correctly.

    During the 2011 floods we had no less than two sharks sighted in the main street of our local shopping center.

    I helped volunteer with the clean-up in Goodna (which is aboriginal for "shit" or "shit hole" lol) and it stunk worse than anything I've smelt before.
    It was like dead carcasses had emerged from shallow graves. In all fairness there is a sewerage plant there.
    It was awesome to see so many volunteers helping complete strangers. There must have been thousands of us there.

    The floods completely covered two story houses where even the roofs were completely submerged. Not just at Goodna but almost everywhere including two blocks away from my house. We're lucky to be situated on top of a hill.
    We were stranded within a four block radius for 3 or 4 days and at one end of my street the water was above the street sign. I spotted and filmed an Eastern brown snake swimming along the top of the water at the intersecting street.
    Some idiot kids were swimming in the flooded streets until I told them of the snakes and sharks recently spotted.
    Although Goodna is two suburbs away from here, people just don't get it, the same river they emerged from runs through this suburb and with floods the sharks are free to swim wherever they like as the entire region was all connected by the excessively high water.

    The following has been copied from Wikipedia:
    The Bremer River at Ipswich, 30 kilometres (19 mi) west of Brisbane, reached a height of 19.4 metres (64 ft) on 12 January, inundating the central business district and at least 3,000 houses.[70] One third of the city was reported to be underwater and over 1,100 people took shelter at evacuation centres.[71] At Minden, on the border of Ipswich City, a four-year-old boy was swept away by floodwaters when he fell from a rescue boat.[72] A man in his fifties died when he accidentally drove into floodwaters in the Ipswich suburb of Wulkuraka.[73] The worst affected areas of Ipswich were the suburbs of Goodna and Gailes.[74] The flooding allowed bull sharks to reach the center of Goodna; one was spotted swimming in Williams Street, and a second in Queen Street.

    Since the 2011 floods we have lost 2 or 3 kids at out local swimming hole (a disused open cut coal mine) in the bush, we call "Aqua lakes". It is packed with dozens of locals on every hot day. I've even swam there with my dog, Ruger.... until I saw brown snakes in the water on two separate occasions.
    After each reported missing child they have sent police divers in but they have never recovered any bodies. It is extremely deep and murky so visibility beyond a few meters deep is non existent.

    Shortly after passing Goodna the Bremer river (an extension of "Brisbane river") goes through my suburb and continues on for absolute miles to other favored swimming holes. One of which (at "Colleges Crossing") a fully grown horse was taken by a bull shark when it went to the river edge for a drink. There is a video of that on Youtube.

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