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    lol I followed a related topic link from that first link I posted below.

    "Butcher's scary shark encounter in Ipswich street"
    Typical Aussie bloke.

    "I was swimming through the car park towards my store and a guy in an SES boat picked me up and told me there was a bull shark in the shopping centre," Mr Bateman said.
    The SES is our State Emergency Service which is run by volunteers.

    "He dropped me off at my store; I waded in, opened the door and then saw a long dark shadow and a fin swim past. It was probably 10 metres away from me. It looked about six feet long.
    But that was not the scariest part. I was hiding in the shop for a while hoping the shark had moved on.

    When I left there was a two-metre long brown snake swimming right towards me.
    My head was the only thing above water and the snake looked pretty distressed.
    I was crapping myself. I thought it would bite my face.

    But it swam straight past me. There were spiders around too, just floating by."

    Yep, just a typical day in Australia. lol

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    Fascinating... I can't find the shark horse video your referring to though.
    Have a link handy?

    Are those Brown snakes very fast?

    I just can't imagine life there, if I did live there I probly wouldn't go anywhere without one of my swords strapped to me lol

    You live in a very challenging place my friend.

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    Since posting that I am thinking it may have been that Jeremy Wade "River Monsters" show we get on satellite TV.
    The more I think of it the more I'm leaning towards it being a re-enactment of the incident on that show.
    There are full episodes of the show on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCom...Kujb1JhkB0EcGA
    If I find it I will post the link.

    Yes, brown snakes move very fast indeed and they go out of their way chasing you to make conflict whereas all other snake species avoid conflict until they feel threatened or cornered.
    You could easily out run it if given enough prior notice to be able to turn away (rather than stagger backwards) and they don't like to climb.
    But that's not to say that you would be safe in a tree. They are still very competent at climbing as much as the next species.
    I've seen them not only swim above the water surface but also dive under water at a 30 - 45 degree angle.
    Both times I was sitting on a rock at the water's edge at "Aqua lakes" waiting for Ruger to finish his swim and get out. Both times the snake was less than two meters from me and submerging deeper into the water.
    Another time I was with my lady friend at the time, with my two kids (4 & 5 y.o) and her 5 kids when a large brown crossed our path (a step away) to get to the water hole.
    I had hold of my kids hands and tried desperately to back-pedal with them and broke a thong (flip flop) in the process. lol
    Although my lady friend had lived so close to the bush for 20 years it was her first time in the bush. Yet she wasn't phased by the snake going into the water and still let her kids swim on the other side of the same water hole (close to Aqua lakes). Crazy bitch. It was under her house where I had killed 6 browns within two months and another two behind my house on the primary school oval. We lived opposite each other.

    I've also had two browns inside my house (at different times), at least one on the front verandah making its way to the open door and dozens in my yard.
    A good life-long friend of mine has had browns, red belly blacks and tiger snakes in his suburban house over 1,000 miles away in Melbourne, Victoria. They are everywhere.

    Just like climate, we all adapt to our surroundings. Look at Africans and the wild beasts they share the land with. Or Canada with mountain lions and brown bears, etc.

    I think New Zealand is the only place on earth without deadly venomous critters. They eradicated all snakes long ago, the chicken shits. lol

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    Okay I have found a video of Jeremy Wade's "River Monsters" where he mentions the bull shark attack on a horse in Queensland plus two fatal attacks on humans.
    He then flies to Africa to hunt for a recent attack that has happened at the same time. So it started off about Australia but a few minutes in he pisses-off to bloody Africa. He mentions the Australian attacks a few times.
    The editors need to be shot!!!

    This does tell you that it happened and to a race horse, non the less.
    That's part 1 of 5. I am trying to skip through to find the horse attack.

    I also managed to find the local newspaper article of that incident. My bad, I thought it was "Colleges Crossing" but turns out it was even closer at "Kholo". Both greatly populated swimming spots on the Brisbane / Bremer river.
    All places they mention in the article are close by with Karalee being a neighboring suburb of where I live. Just the other side of the river.

    I forgot to mention the ferry that takes cars across the river in my suburb (big enough for about six to eight vehicles) was stuck in the tree tops after the floods.
    I had heaps of photos of it and surrounding areas taken during the floods on an old HDD. Even video footage of the brown snake swimming at the lower end of my street.

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    Watching Science channel, Strange Evidence show, Gateway to Hell episode, released 7-31-2018

    They are showing the golf coarse bull shark pond hazard HAHAHAHAHA

    Pretty sure it's the same pond

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