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Thread: Damn this heat.

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    Damn this heat.

    We've been hit with another heat wave lately.
    Last night I checked the barometer and at 11pm it was 32 degree Celsius (89.6 degree Fahrenheit) with a humidity of 75%.
    The humidity is the killer. That's bad enough during the day but how are you supposed to sleep in that crap?

    I realize that some of you may be freezing your balls off but as I've always said, you can make yourself warmer a lot easier (clothing, blankets, fire, shared body heat, etc) than trying to cool down.
    With water restrictions due to a drought that has ran for decades in most of this state, there isn't much you can do.
    We don't have a swimming pool or air conditioner and you can only have so many showers in a day before looking like dried fruit.
    We live in a very modest (cheap arse) Government house with thin fibro-cement walls and a flat tin roof. No insulation.
    Its a sweat-box in summer and an icebox in winter.

    It gives a greater appreciation to the homeless.
    You never think about how they handle the heat, we only think of them during the cold.

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    That would drive me mad. If I lived in a humid country I'd have to have air con. We don't have that problem in UK lol. Oh, and they better not be cold showers! They can actually make you warmer believe it or not. They decrease blood flow at your skin and thus increases core temp in the long run.
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    Wow, that makes perfect sense and is good to know. Thanks man. I've past that on to my son.
    I used to take cold showers several times a day in the extreme heat but after so many "summer colds" due to the instant change in temp (scorching hot day / ice cold shower) I learned to stop that habit.
    The tap water may not be exactly "ice cold" but when your body temp is so hot it sure seems like it.... as does the rain. Its nice being rained on but there is still a shock factor with each drop. lol

    Due to the heat we always get electrical storms in the afternoon / evenings. Yesterday many houses lost their roofs, a great deal more are still without electricity and a local school had a tree crash through it.
    As always we are reminded to check on the elderly and our pets.
    I don't know of any elderly in our street (besides myself lol) and I always have several fresh water sources for my outdoor pets and the local wild life.
    No mongrel has ever come to check on me. lol If and when they do, they had better bring beer.

    Thanks again for the heads up, Smithy. Its certainly something to remember.

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    Yeah, luke warm showers are best - around 33C I've read. At least at first, so try that. It'll probably seem warm (or not where you are) at first but it cools you down for longer as blood flow isn't restricted from the skin. So the heat will still be leaving your body. 33C is normal external temp for a body, so it keeps optimal circulation.

    I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it. I hate humidity, even more so because I'm not used to it in the slightest.

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    Although I've heard it said many times that "it takes about three years to climatise", I've lived in Queensland for over thirty years and I still can't handle this shit. I was born and raised in Victoria, two states and over a thousand kilometers away. Its a totally different climate with a totally different humidity.
    My son was born here and he actually checks the barometer more than I. So not even the true "locals" are climatised. lol
    In fact those who say that they love the Queensland (sub tropical) weather live, work and drive in air conditioned environments and have swimming pools.
    I can only imagine how this humidity will effect our visitors from other nations soon to be competing in the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast. 100 kms from here.

    Its amazing just how much heat is stored in your head. By placing just your head under a cold shower and holding your hand out under it, the water run-off is actually warm to hot for at least a full minute.
    I used to think it was because of my long hair but my son wears his hair very short (crew-cut) and he assures me he experiences the same under a cold shower.

    Thankfully last night's storms brought a lot of rain which helped drop the temperature. The breeze blew a cold fine mist into the house and I almost put a singlet on. lol
    But now that rain has soaked everything ready for another humid day once the sun starts its scorching heat. Which of course repeats the cycle of more evening thunder storms.
    Just like a dog chasing its own tail. lol

    If you ever get a chance to visit here, do so in the cooler months.

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    Today was 43 degree Celsius (109.4 degree Fahrenheit) locally, with the state top of 46 degree Celsius (114.8 degree Fahrenheit) at Winton.

    Due to this heat a category 5 cyclone that just hit Fiji looks to have us in its sights.

    I sure hope it brings cold beer... and none of that imported crap. lol

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