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Thread: Hell Let Loose

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    Hell Let Loose

    I came across a new game as I was surfing the web for photos of Normandy for my map... It's called Hell Let Loose, and described as "a platoon-based realistic multiplayer first-person shooter for PC set during the Second World War".




    I think it looks interesting so far. I occasionally like to play Squad (a modern counterpart) and this feels a lot like it.

    Small squads with up to 100 players per server, and includes vehicles and artillery.

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    Yeah I've had my eye on these games for a while now and have put several people onto them.
    As a mapper I look at that side of games more so than the typical player's perspective.
    Both "Hell Let Loose" and "Squad" have 4 squared kilometers of map capacity. Its enough to make the typically restricted Q3 Radiant mapper cream his pants. lol

    Although the pace of a game does depend on the players in it, all of the videos I've seen of the two mentioned "Hell Let Loose" has a lot of sit and hide where as "Squad" is more on the go, well at least for the allied side.

    As with "Battalion 1944", they all use the U4 (Unreal4) engine.

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