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    Try Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944? That's where they usually install. I wrote that from memory on my iPad so sorry if it isn't quite right
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    Bingo! You are spot on, mate.
    Shit I have 6 other Steam games on this drive and never knew any of them installed there. lol
    Dang. How did I not see the "Steam" folder when I checked that path earlier? Sorry about that.

    Okay we have two "Pak" files:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Launcher\BattalionLauncher\Content\Paks\pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak" 14,956,156 KB
    " C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Battalion\Content\Paks\BattalionLauncher-WindowsNoEditor.pak" 102,863 KB

    But neither file will open with either PakExplorer or Winrar.
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    I've just been watching more youtube videos of the game and have a better understanding of it.
    I'm gonna need all the help I can get before jumping on the servers against these guys again. lol

    After killing someone you take the "card" icon rotating above their body. This takes away a part of their skill level for the next round.
    I'm unsure if it also adds to your team's skill level or not.
    I know that I am using the wrong terminology by saying "skill level" but whatever its called determines what role or rank you play and which weapons are available to you in the next round depending on that rank.
    An "Operator" gets the shotgun, a "Rifleman" gets the rifle, a "Marksman" gets the sniper rifle (same deal but with scope), etc. You still have a choice of whatever is available to you.
    You only have a limited amount of each rank / option to start with but gain more depending on which cards you (or your team mates) pick up after a kill. At least i think that's how it works.
    Several are saying that the default is a good all-rounder.

    There only appears to be one liberation map, one CTF map and so on. I have no idea if this will change prior to the official release.
    The servers don't appear to rotate maps. Although I haven't really played it enough to know for sure.
    You play so many rounds (possibly 6 or 7) then swap offensive/defensive sides. The first team to 13 round wins, wins the match.
    Some things such as specific walls or wooden objects don't always stop bullets from passing through.

    Many are saying its a combination of Counter Strike and COD 2. They're all loving it.

    I'm too old and slow and can't even remember my key bindings for MOH, let alone maps that are new to me and now a totally new game. That's why I focus on mapping. lol
    Maybe if I could get my mic to work for team speak things may be a little better but not different enough to make me competitive.

    From a mapping point of view. None of the doors open and none of the windows are see-through or breakable. If the door is shut the building is inaccessible.
    Only about half of the buildings (of each map I've seen) are accessible.
    Many accessible buildings have corridors running through the building but no interior doors into rooms of those buildings. Or a set path through the building leads to a dead-end room with open window.

    Not only do these tactics in mapping make for better frame rate, they also keep the action moving with less opportunity for anybody to nest and wait like a rock spider. To me that's a good thing.

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    E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Launcher..thats where mine in Rob. .ive only logged 1.8 hrs playing since i bought the early access, mostly cuz every server i joined says full, or were empty. I know a lot of people are complaining about the jumping and shooting 1 shot kills, the weapons damage not being what they like, and last i knew there was ffa yet. It seams like it will be a fun game once they fix the bugs, reminds me of early days of MOH. I think its meant for the fast paced old school feel, not the modern day shooter

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    Cheers mate.
    I've now supposedly clocked up 79 minutes although only about 15 of that was actual game time and the rest server attempts, wait and failures.
    They need to do a lot of work in that area.
    I don't think the location selection when launching the game makes any difference. I select "Australia" but still see a server called "Chicago..." something or other.
    Although the game claims to have found a server, it takes forever to load the map before it checks the number of players on that server. Totally arse-about. Why load the map before checking if its full or not?
    Each time a selected server fails to launch, you have to navigate through several menu clicks to get back to the server list to be able to try another server.
    Then its another wait for the server list to load again.
    The server filter also need to remember your choice to only show available "unlocked" servers. This too would save a lot of wasted time by only populating the list of available unlocked servers.
    You are lucky to connect to one out of four supposedly available server attempts.
    Meanwhile they clock is counting all of this wait and fail process as actual game time. Pfft
    Then, if you are lucky to connect to a server, you spawn under the freaking map before being kicked. Time and time again.

    It wouldn't have taken them 5 minutes to sort out the menu (click and wait forever) issues, which should have been done way before the "early access" stage.

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