I was checking out the stack of mods I still needed to upload, and decided to quickly upload a bunch of them (the ones I found most important).
I'm lacking time to upload regularly, but I hope these mods will be of use to people!

Title: MOHAA Source Maps
Creator: EA Games
Mod Category: Tools
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...aa-source-maps
Short Description: These are the source .map files for the default MOHAA maps (dm/mohdm 1-7, obj/obj_team 1-4). They weren't on the site yet, and now they are! For people to mod/edit them.

Title: Gun Game V1.2
Creator: Ley0k
Mod Category: Gametype
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/gun-game-v12
Short Description: A Gun-Game mod for MOHAA! You start with one weapon, every kill you make you'll get a new weapon.. first one to kill with every weapon wins!

Title: Anti-Bad Commands
Creator: RyBack
Mod Category: Fair Play - Anti-Cheat
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...i-bad-commands
Short Description: This mod will force people to not use bad/cheat commands on your server.

Title: Guided Missile
Creator: RyBack
Mod Category: Map Mod
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...guided-missile
Short Description: This will add Guided Missiles to the map.. a player will be able to control them and kill people.

Title: Guided Missile (1)
Creator: Midnight1138
Mod Category: Map Mod
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...ided-missile-1
Short Description: Another Guided Missile mod, from a different author.

Title: Weapon Select Mod
Creator: -
Mod Category: Map Mod
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...pon-select-mod
Short Description: Makes you able to select different weapons whilst playing.

Title: Reconnect Button
Creator: -
Mod Category: Custom UI
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...connect-button
Short Description: Will add a 'Reconnect' button to your game when you've been disconnected by a server (for various reasons), to make you reconnect quickly.

Title: Button Addon 2.0
Creator: -
Mod Category: Custom UI
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...utton-addon-20
Short Description: Adds buttons to your in-game menu (reconnect, disconnect, quit, vid restart etc.) to give you more functions easily and quick.

Title: Midgets & Giants Mod
Creator: -
Mod Category: Map
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...ets-giants-mod
Short Description: Adds locations to every map that will turn you into either a Midget or a Giant whilst playing.

Title: Warhammer 40K Beta Mod
Mod Category: Total Conversion
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...r-40k-beta-mod
Short Description: Changes MOHAA completely to Warhammer 40K Style (player skins, weapons, sounds, HUD, new features). Early stages of mod.

Title: Reborn Admin Rights Spreadsheet
Creator: Wizzler[NL]
Mod Category: Guide (not a mod)
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c...ts-spreadsheet
Short Description: Makes it easier for server admins to control and set the admin rights for every admin.

Title: Anti-Cham Mod
Creator: Context & Shadow
Mod Category: Fair Play - Anti-Cheat
Link: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/c.../anti-cham-mod
Short Description: This mod will block most cham skins on servers (wallhack skins) and it will colour the cheater's screen, so they can't see anything anymore, thus unable to play the game.