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    No mate, I didn't for a second think that you were suggesting that of me.
    Just stating that I have been oblivious to any media of late. But I do understand what you mean by the conspiracy theories.

    That's why I asked. If it was going to be of any concern it would effect the whole globe in one way or another (polar opposites).
    And that would go for anything that allegedly happens anywhere on Earth as a result of solar or lunar behaviour including the events of 2012.
    However if someone in another continent said that it was suddenly unusually hotter than normal these past three days then maybe there would be something to it.

    Anyway, I've almost forgotten what my bed looks like. G'night mate.

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    The media and misled people cause people to jump and conclude without knowing the facts for all
    kinds of global this that and the other nonsense over here.
    Makes me want to go out and burn tires lol

    Did anyone see the launch a couple hrs ago?
    @ about 7:12 the show the reusable booster rockets coming back down and landing...pretty impressive.

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    What is it with American audiences? lol
    Its impressive but why scream and cheer so loud on launch, as if its a sitcom and some almost celeb (that I've never seen in my life) with a 20 second cameo has just walked on set.

    Good Gawd two women announcers in the same clip have called it David Bowie's "Space Oddity" when it was clearly David Bowie's "Life On Mars". FFS that's just ignorance.
    Having the Speed and Altitude stats in kilometers would have totally f**cked you guys. lol

    Sorry if everything sounds so negative, I did enjoy it. We can never have enough space junk.

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