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    The deal with rotating doors

    G'day folks,
    Is there a secret to rotating doors that I don't know about?
    In Radiant's Top view: any door running horizontally (North / South) fails to obey the "alwaysaway" command.
    However doors that run vertically (East / West) in Radiant's top view never have a problem.
    This happens to me in every single map I've ever made and to be quite honest its a major piss-off having to tweak these doors then compile and test, then tweak the doors again then compile and test again, .... etc

    In some maps I have re-made doors running North / South up to 4 or 5 times before they obey.
    Other times I have just had enough and leave them open permanently.
    I have even made them running East / West then rotated them 90 degrees.

    Is there a method that would make all rotating doors function correctly first time, every time?

    Thank you.

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    If you mean setting 'alwaysaway' to 1, unless otherwise configured they should move away from the player implicitly so you don't need to input this.

    Personally I've not noticed a difference based on the direction they face, but I have noticed the odd door behaving incorrectly. In most cases I give the door an angle and have it just open one way (as doors usually do), but with a SP map it's easy to do it that way. I may have a look later tonight with a test map to see if I can replicate the issue.
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    Yes it has dumbfounded me forever why some doors obeyed the "alwaysaway" "1" command and others don't until I finally saw the pattern being which direction they face.

    I have solved the issue late last night.
    With the disobedient horizontal doors (running North / South in TOP view) omit the "alwaysaway" key and replace it with the following:
    Key , Value
    angle , 90
    openangle , 90
    and have the "OPEN_DIRECTION" checkbox ticked.
    Now ALL of my doors open flawlessly away from the player passing through it in either direction.
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    Which brings me to the next question about doors.
    What do people prefer, doors that stay open (realism) or doors that close automatically?

    Personally I prefer as much realism in maps as possible.
    Gawd knows how some people survive in the real world without "always away" if they don't know that all doors open inwards to every building and inwards to each room.
    The exception only being some dumb-arse door fitter getting it wrong. Which appears to be more and more frequent in the 21 century (i.e. commercial buildings in American movies) catering for dumb people who constantly walk into doors and walls. lol
    I'm old, its my job to observe and complain about everything.

    I guess it does make the game play faster as you don't need to pause for a second to (think, stand aside and) open the door in the correct direction or hang around to close it.
    Just thank your lucky stars that your defense forces aren't trained with this game (or mind set)... then again, maybe some of them are. lol

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    Doors that close!

    Unless the map is sneaky and requires you to shut a door to hide behind it like a shield, like that tiny map the other night with all the potholes and you had to shut the doors to be sneaky :P

    Really it's just always preferred they open away really....we always say in a map, when open to someone we say "oh no...not Canadian doors" even Klink and Humbre say it...they are Canadian lol

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    lol So you're saying "Canadian" is another word for "realistic", "true" or "correct".
    You must forward this onto Klink and Humbre. lol

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    It's all run and gun so we all get pissed when we try and run through a door and it shoves us backwards and get shot lol

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    lol Yeah that's a bitch.
    Love the term "run & gun".

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    Good to know, I'll see if it helps the doors I have problems with, though I actually sometimes prefer more realistic doors that open one way and don't auto-close. Though this is strictly speaking from my POV a single-player focus. I understand the advantages of having magical doors for MP. The way they work in MP is the same with Day of Defeat (which I played competitively for years and years).
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1337Smithy View Post
    Good to know, I'll see if it helps the doors I have problems with....
    Cool, I hope it solves their stubbornness for you.

    I actually told a little lie, sorry.
    I solved it months ago in a previous map but couldn't remember how, so I thought to copy a door from it over to my current map last night to duplicate the properties.

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