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    lol Perhaps something new to mappers and / or players.

    I've just found a bug that's new to me.
    I was standing at a window created with a commonly used default MOH texture "window4_frame" (and "window4_broken").
    I managed to shoot out two other windows in the map without breaking the window I was shooting through. In fact it didn't even register a chip in the glass.
    I replicated this glitch a further two times when I tried to video record it twice.
    On each occasion the window finally broke at the same time as the third window was shot out.

    Just a fun fact I thought to share.
    The windows that broke had their health set to 75. The window I was shooting through hasn't had its health set... yet. Something I wasn't aware of at the time.
    But even so, you'd think that the bullets wouldn't penetrate through the window without breaking it.
    This would mean that on a default map without any window health setting (I think the default is 150) you could kill players by shooting through an unbroken window.

    Any thoughts or further comments on this?

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    You can always kill players through unbroken windows in default MOHAA.

    There's even a black window bug in the game.. a few maps use black tinted windows (which you can't look through) on buildings you can't access either.. however you can still shoot through these windows, which is a field day for wallhackers, they can shoot anyone through these windows, as the shots also pass through walls when you shoot through these black windows.

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    This is the first I'm hearing of this after all of these years.
    I can understand the bullets exiting an un-accessible building as the interior walls would be caulked but to have the window texture surface non solid is just ridiculous.
    However in the case I mentioned in the opening thread is not related to caulk walls or fake black window textures.

    Shadow: Before updating, check the map you have been testing for me. Shoot from inside the "house" type office building to the windows above the gates.
    The common MOH window texture doesn't even chip yet the other windows will break.

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    Unrelated i'm sure, but
    It occurs to me too in weapon configs there percentages of penetration of surfaces as well.
    idk if there is a default setting for glass, but thought I'd bring it up.
    I understand the clip settings you speak of though, I'm just throwing this out there.

    This is in my mp44.tik

    realism throughwood 85
    realism throughmetal 45

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    I've never modded weapons and find that interesting that they need such configuration.
    I suppose its just that I've never thought about it before.
    The more you think about it the more it makes sense.

    But I dare say the bullets are either going through the brushes or they're not.
    None of the bullet teleporting crap my windows were doing. Bullets penetrating virgin glass without as much as a scratch.
    Its like the (so called) "VIRGIN Mary" and baby Jesus all over again. lol

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    This apply to Projectiles for glass in MOHAA but dont know if works for bullets because i have never try that:

    smashthroughglass 64

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    I've seen that someplace...could that be for bash too?

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