G'day folks,
We all say or at least think that we need to keep this great game alive however I check this site several times a day and there's always at least 6 people here at any given time who either aren't logged in or have chosen to be invisible.
How is this going to promote the game, site or community?
Think about it. Nobody wants to be the only living person in a ghost town of zombies.
Its like being the only naked person at a nudist beach yet there's a handful of onlookers hiding behind the bushes.

Every community needs communication or at least some sign that they are not the only individual here.
Simply keeping the "remember me" checkbox ticked is easier than manually logging in upon every visit.
If you don't wish to chat then turn that feature off.

You can count on one hand how many member names appear at the bottom of the forums.
At any given time, only one or two of the same 5 or so members appear as being online yet there is always 5 or 6 "guests".
I don't know how often that count is updated or if it includes bots.
However, if that many true non-members were visiting, the place would be thriving. Even if one out of every three of those "guests" joined there would be at least a dozen new members every day.

There are times when there isn't anything new posted for days on end, not even a new shout yet there always seems to be "guests", some times up to 12 of them.
This is at several random times of the day or night, every day.
With those numbers and so little new stuff to read it tells us that its not always the same few but rather a good deal of the community.

People do tend to return to MOH because its such a good game, but if an old MOH player were to drop by and see that there's nothing going on they would simply move on to another game.
We all need to show that this community is still alive.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who comes here, sees the tumbleweeds and thinks perhaps it's time to move on.


I actually wrote the above a while ago by decided not to post it due to Linda's passing.
I think more so than ever that now is the time to rebuild the community in her honor.