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    Angry In Honor of NanLinda

    Submitted by MAW-MrMashDK_CL on Wed, 11/29/2017 - 16:13


    Transferred from original site

    This from the MAW Website
    Please visit the ={MAW}= Home base
    and Teamspeak to chat with a great bunch there!


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    our thoughts go out to the family ...from all at =COH= !!!!
    Linda will be sorely missed...RIP Linda...

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    Omg Linda , It was an honor to have you around Linda, im gonna miss ur jokes and all the hard work u did for the whole mohaa community, one of the biggest stars of mohaa has past away , really gonna miss you .
    Also Good luck MAW CLan with this precious lost .

    Greets From Luvclan

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    Jesus christ.. what a news...
    We always had good fun on TS, and gaming in the MAW server.. or fixing issues on AAAA..
    Always active on all mohaa forums as well, huge part of the community.. what a tragic tragic day..
    R.I.P. Lin, I wish the best to her kids and grandchildren and to the MAW family!

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    Administrator heatsinkbod's Avatar
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    Have know Linda and family a very long time recently I have not been active much due to personnel circumstances and is very very sad news to find this out.............

    My deepest thoughts for Linda's family

    The community has lost a fantastic amazing ambassador who never gave up on our love MOHAA and the community and clans

    I have lost a very close friend who has supported me for many years

    AAAA would not have continued without her support

    Linda you will be sadly missed by myself and family but many will miss you you...............

    I will Never forget all you have done and hope looking down you can still kick me about in game rest in peace you are legend.............

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    My condolences to her loved ones.
    May she rest in peace.

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    It is such sad news, Linda was such a good friend. She would always put everybody first before herself.

    We will indeed continue with MAW and do our best to keep the clan going, we have a long way to go to keep up with linda but together the MAW will continue in Linda's Honour!

    The MAW Freeze tag server was busy from 5pm yesterday right up until around 11.30pm, if we can carry on with them sort of numbers then I am sure Linda will have no reason to come back and haunt us :-)

    Linda was a remarkable lady and it truly has been an honour working along side her.

    Love to all that knew her.


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    OMG!!! What a terrible news i just read today!!!!
    I have been quite distance from medal and all it's forums and now i come here to have a sneak peek and i just recieve this sadest news.

    My deepest thoughts for Linda's family and friends.

    The long live of this lovely community was due to NanLinda.

    The world has lost a kind, funny, friendly person and also a trully passionate gamer.

    She was and will always be to me, a young lady trapped on an elder body.

    I wont forget all of our nice long chat's and specially our morning shouts with coloured text fonts

    Your best sentence will always remain on my mind...


    Rest in Peace my Good Old Young Lady...

    Your mohaa friend, PacRac .
    Last edited by PacRac; 12-10-2017 at 10:23 PM.

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