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    Use it or lose it.

    I was looking for a nifty little program I had years ago but couldn't find it.
    This was my second attempt in as many weeks at searching Google for it.
    So I decided to make a similar program today.

    In typical Acca fashion, it wasn't long before I was stumped on retrieving certain information from my OS.
    No worries, I'll Google how to do it and move on.

    I was reading some forums and on one particular thread I thought to myself "this is all way over my head".
    I scrolled back up to the top only to discover it was posted by me back in 2010.

    Shit! In only seven years I have lost THAT much knowledge?
    Something to think about. :/

    Dang it. I was gonna say something else but now I've forgotten what it was.

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    I had one of those moments...
    can't recall how long ago it was though

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