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    I'm interested to know the 'gameplay' differences you're talking about? In terms of my map, the gameplay is almost identical as most of that comes from how you code it. Maybe some slight inherent differences like extra melee for weapons, but not noticibly so.

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    The map is coming along nicely. I've since moved back to vanilla AA because of the bugs in the AI system introduced with the Spearhead engine.

    Some screens:


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    Looking good mate. [insert thumbs up icon here]

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    When I took the screenshots on my PC, the screens weren't that dark. Uploading them from my laptop I can hardly see the bunker shots. I hate the differences in gamma and brightness between machines. How dark is it for everyone else?

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    They are all clear and legible on my system.

    Probably why so many complained about my Dungeon map being so dark.
    This Samsung monitor has held its brightness for almost a decade and I'm on it almost 24/7.

    I attempted to load your last screenshot in "Full Resolution 4.6MB" but it took too long.... the first attempt earlier today. Got it loaded now.

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    I have an idea for future maps you might make, instead of activating the compass you could make a map appear in the player's HUD for him to navigate the level, like they did in the map Beach Objective or RTCW Omaha when you hold the 'use' key long enough.

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    I've been looking at that for awhile now.
    It's called minmap in Jedi Knight, I think that's the one.
    and I do believe it's possible just needs a combo of compass but need extra mini version of the map overlaid into the compass...if I had it worked out right, but I believe it's very possible!

    Please link me that map mod you just referenced.
    the map Beach Objective
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    Sounds interesting. I'm actually planning on using very little in the way of player guidance, which means not actually using the compass to each objective. I may do it if, say, you find intel in a bunker for nearby gun batteries, and I'm toying with the idea of spawning objective locations at random so they wont be in the same place.

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    It's called minmap in Jedi Knight, I think that's the one.
    No, I wasn't thinking in that kind of hud map. I meant that if you press 'use' long enough, a static image will appear in the center of the hud. it could be a map, intell, etc...

    A player could pick up the intel on a table which activates that function and the player presses 'use' to read the intel and navigate. I don't remember very well but if in the beach obj map said image is up and the mouse is usable, then you could add several pages on the intel, the player could use the mouse to suitch page while the intel is showing.


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    Currently coding/mapping a German assault. You and your team need to defend a courtyard from waves of soldiers.

    What it's like in the editor: https://ibb.co/giNyQo

    So much work involved... No wonder I kept my other map simple... lol
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