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    Multiplayer single-player campaign gameplay mod

    Multiplayer single-player campaign gameplay mod PART 1

    I think Doublekill posted an article related to this on the old site, it sounded so interesting that I decided to make a detailed post about how de gameplay of this mod should be.


    In this gametype you have the regular objective type gameplay with the Axis VS the Allied teams, but you would be playing in slightly modified versions of the single player maps with the Allied team trying to complete the almost same objectives and the Axis trying to stop them.

    Due to the large scale of the single player maps it is probably better to have spawn points that have to be captured by the Allies. Depending on the size of the maps the Axis could recapture these spawnpoints. In small to medium size maps this option can be activated, in large size maps this option may not be active because then the match would take too long to complete.

    In the Axis case the spawns points can be more diverse due to their more deffensive based gameplay, specialy if its a map like ‘sniper town’, where the axis would have to spawn in the towers and no-access buildings that have sniper positions. In these sorts of maps it would also be necessary to add textures in places that don’t have them or else the Axis snipers could see through the walls.

    Cutsceenes recreating some of the popular moments of the single player campaign could also be added and the soundtrack could also be played during the match.

    Each map should last about 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the map and no undermapping mod.
    In such a game mod like this, team work would be required in order to advance through the level.

    Level Designs

    Mission 1 level 1

    The objetives are the same as in single player, Take controll of the town of Arzew, push trough the town untill you reach the end of the map. Axis prevent the Allies from doing that.
    The match begins with a cutsceene of the rangers infiltrating Arzew, after that the teams spawn at their respective places, the Allies have to capture the spawnpoint in the town and then continue untill they reach the dead end where an Axis bot shoots the panzershcreck and blocks the exit. From that point the Allies have to plant an explosive on the doors that lead to the next level. An option of planting the explosives on the metal doors that give access to the building with the MG42 can be added so that they can give more cover for the team mates bellow.
    The Axis spawn on the upper sections of the builtings and inside the MG42 building, which they loose that spawn area once the Allies gain access to it.

    Misson 1 level 2 A

    Objectives: save the OSS agent, steal more explosives, blow up the big doors and then destroy the Flak88s.
    The OSS agent can be a bot with a large ammount of health which follows the Allied team and gives them more fire support.
    After completing that part the Axis spawn move to the fort and its upper sections so that they can use the MG42s, or a latter can be added to give access to that area wich has the textures fixed. You have the option of saving a POW bot with a Kar98 sniper to help the Allied team. That bot sniper is VERY accurate.

    Mission 1 level 2B

    Objectives: plant radio bombs and escape the motorpoll, the radio bombs cannot be deactivated.
    The Allies have to fight through the map and plant explosives untill they can escape which they will do so by reaching the other end of the level and triggering the entrance of the jeep drived by the OSS agent, the Axis stop them.
    The moment a tiger tank moves to a different parking area can be added and be triggered by the arrival of an Allied player to that point like in single player.

    Mission 1 level 3A

    Objectives: Allies protect the jeep and clear its path untill it reaches its destination, Axis try to destroy the Jeep.
    The Allied team has to keep up with the moving jeep in order to protect it from Axis Panzerschrecks, or else the jeep will be vulnerable to attacks. The jeep can have the option of an Allied player operating the 30 cal. when he presses ‘USE’ near the jeep.

    Mission 1 level 3B

    Same objectives as the last one but with added objective of destroying the aeroplanes. Once that objective is done it will trigger a camera pointing at the jeep parking near the radar entrance and Major Grillo saying his dialogue like in single player. Axis spawns change as the jeep advances through the map.

    Mission 1 level 3C

    Objectives: Allies try to reach the lighthouse, Axis try to stop them.
    The Allied team spawns in the upper section of the bunker and must capture the Axis spawn in the garage, moving the Axis spawn to the lighthouse, after that the Allied team has to reach the lightouse and turn it on. That will trigger a camera pointing in the direction where Major Grillo arrives with the Opel Truck saying his dialogue and ends the level.
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    PART 2

    Mission 2 level 1

    Objectives: Allies must steal documents and infiltrate kriegsmarine building, Axis must stop them.
    The match beggins with the Allies trying to plant explosives in the metal gate to infiltrate the compound, once they succeed the must fight their way to the 1st building to steal the documents and capturing a spawnpoint there. The Axis spawn moves to the crates near the MG42. When the Allies capture that spawnpoint their new objective is to infiltrate the final building, wich is now Axis spawn area, by reaching the red door at the bottom of the metal stairs.

    Mission 2 level 2 A

    Objectives: Allies destroy Naxos prototype and infiltrate submarine, Axis stop them.
    In this match there can be a spy mod incorporated to recreate the same feeling of being an infiltrator. The Allied team could do this by pressing ‘USE’ on the officer uniform and turning the allied player into an Axis Wehrmacht skin, allowing them to capture spawnpoints more easilly. However this gameplay should also have somekind of ‘no-avatar’ mod so that the lack of the teams icon over your head does not blow your cover.

    Misson 2 level 2 B

    Don’t know how to organize this level.

    Mission 2 level 2 C

    Objectives: Allies escape, Axis stop them.
    The Allied team must fight their way and capture spawnpoints untill they can get in the train waiting for them outside.

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    PART 3
    In order for the matches not to be very long, the Axis team cannot recapture the spawn points.

    Mission 3 level 1 A ‘D-Day’
    The mission starts like in single player; Allied players are transported by the Higgins boats to the beach and spawn from there, while the Axis can spawn from inside the bunkers with mg42s or the trench, which has a ladder to exit to the open field. Note that the minefields are active in this map.
    Allies 1st objective is to cross the beach that is being bombed with artillery alive and plant the explosives on the shingle, Axis try to stop them.
    After completing the objective, the spawns move to the 1st bunker (allies), the mg42 guarding the minefield and the tunnel (axis). Allies objectives now is to cross the field, get in the trench and infiltrate the 2nd bunker. Axis try to stop them.

    Mission 3 level 1 B ‘Clear the bunker’
    Objectives; Allies capture spawn points on each level of the bunker until they get to the exit. Axis try to stop them

    Mission 3 level 2 ‘battle in the Bocage’
    The 1st objective in this map is for the Axis to take the house from the back and then from the front with the Allies defending the house like in single player.
    After a certain period, the action shifts to the 2nd farmhouse with the Allies trying to get to the radio and the Axis trying to stop them. Allies spawn at the Sherman tank and have to capture the 2nd farmhouse while the Axis spawn near the silo, the silo has a ladder to access the top.
    After the Allies obtained the radio they can use it on the flakk88 that was automatically aiming at any allied player that got too close like in single player and the spawns move to the destroyed 88 (allies) and to the bunker (axis). Allies must now destroy the last AA gun and axis defend it. Once that is done, a cutsceene appears showing an allied bot calling the airstrike on the last flakk88 and the level ends.

    Mission 3 level 3 ‘The Hunt for the Nebelwerfer’
    The Allies spawn at the trench and their 1st objective is to hit the Axis halftrack with 2 rockets. Axis defend the halftrack. The halftrack has a MG42 that automatically shoots any Allied player that gets too close.
    2nd objective the Allies have to fight their way through the road until they reach the last house and plant explosives on the wall to clear the way.
    3rd objective the Allies have to capture the spawn point in the church. Axis try to stop them.
    The Axis spawn points move to the 1st bunker and the trenches. The Axis defend the nebelwerfers. The Allies have to plant explosives on them.
    The nebelwerfers in this level periodically bombard the field and the minefield is active like in single player.
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    PART 4

    Mission 4 level 1

    Objectives; Allies fight their way to the resistance hideout, Axis stop them.
    Allies can capture the spawn points on the house and the base of the hill leading to the church.
    At the end of the level a cutsceene with background music can play showing Manon talking to the player like in the campaign.
    The tomb can be opened by the Allies and Axis.

    Mission 4 level 2

    Allies 1st objective is to infiltrate the tank park and plant explosives on the tanks.
    The Allies spawn move to the tank par and the Axis spawn moves to the bunker near the tracks switcher. Axis prevent the allies from switching the railroad tracks.
    The Axis spawn then moves to the bunker with the searchlight and the Allies spawn move to the track switch bunker. Allies must capture the Axis spawn point.
    After capturing that spawn point, the axis spawn move to the Opel truck near the bridge and the axis must stop the allies from planting the explosives on the train barrier and switching the tracks on the bridge.

    Mission 4 level 3

    The allies 1st objective is to fight their way from the barn to the entrance on the main compound where they capture the axis’ spawn area. The tower has a ladder that gives access to the searchlight and mg42.
    From that point, the houses will be accessible in a certain order; the other 2 houses will have the doors locked until the Allied team completes gathering the intel and sending the radio signal on the 1st house. The Allies have to complete this part one house at a time.
    The Axis spawn on the top floors of the active house and try to stop the Allies.
    After the allies complete all the 3 houses, their spawn moves to the entrance of the 3rd house and must fight their way to the Opel truck at the stone bridge where the Axis spawn is.

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    Soares if you whant to create the mod you can.
    I can help you if you need.
    I dont have mutch time to create the mod.

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    Thanks Doublekill, but I'm currently buzzy with my extra weapons mod and there are other people that are starting to learn how to map, so its best to let them create this mod if they wish to. Also my main area is textures, this thread is just an opinion on how such mod would probably work.

    I will keep posting updates untill the script for each mission is complete.

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    PART 5

    Mission 5 level 1 A ‘Sniper Town’

    These levels could be remapped so that the towers and no-access rooms could be accessible via stairs, doors or ladders for the snipers of both teams. Alternatively, we could use the same stock map, only using teleporters for these areas and apply textures to invisible parts of the map.

    Objectives; Allies have to fight their way through town, find the bazooka team and get to the other side of the gate, Axis stop them.
    Due to the map’s small size, there is no need for spawn points to capture.
    When an Allied player approaches the bazooka team in the building that has the gates, these gates will open and allow the players to proceed to the other side of the map completing the level.
    Once an Allied player passes the gates, a cutsceene could play showing the fighter plane crashing into the gate building.

    Mission 5 level 1 B

    Objectives; Allies fight through town until they get to the King Tiger in City Hall, Axis stop them.
    In this map, the Allies have to capture the Axis spawn point in the second building right to the hotel that has the wall destroyed. Allies then spawn from there and must reach the King Tiger in City Hall where the Axis spawn.

    Mission 5 level 2 A

    In this level, the Allies have to escort the King Tiger tank bot as it constantly moves until it reaches a place that is out of the flakk88's sight or out of its range. Allies’ objective is to clear the way for the tank by setting explosives on the flakks. The tank will then start moving again.
    In the final phase of this level, the Axis can have a Tiger tank bot to attack the Allies’ King Tiger, so it is a good idea for the Allies to have a player with a bazooka nearby.
    The Axis objective is to destroy the King tiger with rockets or defend the flakk cannons in order to stall the King tiger until the end of the match.

    Mission 5 level 2 B

    Same thing as the level before.

    Mission 5 level 3

    Objectives; Allies fight their way through the town and secure the 3 sniper positions at the same time and use artillery strikes to defend the King Tiger until reinforcements arrive. Axis destroy the tank with rockets, detonate the bridge or snipe the ‘radiomen’ until Allies’ tank runs out of health first.
    The allies spawn near the king tiger while the axis spawn on the other side of the bridge, the allies must control the 3 high points overlooking the bridge so that the tank can move to the bridge.
    Once that is achieved, the Axis detonator will become active and the Allies must stop the Axis team from destroying the bridge before the tank gets there.
    The tank will destroy the detonator like in single player and the Allies next objective is to call artillery on enemy tanks and snipe any Axis bazookas. Axis objective is to take out the Allied radiomen or destroy the tank with rockets. Allies must defend the tank for 3-4 minutes to win the match.
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    Mission 6 level 1 A

    Objectives: Allied team sets explosives in flakk22s and escape, Axis team stops them.
    In this map, the allies need to destroy the first flakk22 in order to activate the other one to be able to set explosives, the spawn points will move accordingly. The Allies must then escape and the Axis spawn is in the last bunker of the map. The bunkers in this map can be remapped to have doors or teleports. Due to the map’s large size, the Axis team cannot defuse the bombs. The map should have the same ambient as in single player so that the players can use the fog, snow, rocks and trees to move stealthily around the map.

    Mission 6 level 1 B

    Same as the previous map, but in this map the Allies will have to capture a spawn point on the MG42 nest.

    Mission 6 level 1 C

    Objectives: Allies infiltrate the bunker, plant explosives on the weapons stock and escape. Axis stop them.
    In this level, an Allied player can become a spy by pressing use on the uniform on the table, again with the ‘no-avatar’ mod so that his identity isn’t revealed.
    As the Allies complete the objectives, the Axis spawns move from the 1st bunker to the 2nd bunker.

    Mission 6 level 2 A ‘COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT’

    Objectives: Allies fight their way to the communications huts, plant explosives and then escape.
    This level can be remapped to have ladders or doors that give access to sniper posts and watchtowers.

    Mission 6 level 2 B

    The allied team has to capture the axis spawn point at the exit of the snowy park and the train station where they then have to destroy the power supply and use the radio inside the main building to complete the level. The tower at the train station could have a ladder that gives access to it and giving a sniper position for the axis team.

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    I like reading your outline plans.
    I'm sure it helps you think when others can see it too, but it gives me ideas for stuff as well lol

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    Mission 6 level 3A

    Objectives: Allies break in the fort, plant explosives on the fuel pipes and escape in the elevator.
    The match start with the train transporting the Allied players to the train yard, Axis team spawns in the sniper towers and for 1-2 minutes, the allies have to kill the axis. This could serve as a warm up.
    Next, the doors to the fort open automatically and the allies’ next objective is to plant explosives on the door that leads to the fuel pipes. Once that objective is complete, the allies’ next objective is to plant explosives on the fuel pipes and turn the main fuel valve where the axis spawn is.
    The allies’ final objective is to fight their way from the fuel valve to the elevator to make their escape, ending the match.

    Mission 6 level 3B

    Objectives: Allies fight their way through the fort to obtain gasmasks and escape through the elevator. Axis stop them.
    Somewhere along the way, the allies have to capture an axis spawn point so that the players don’t spend 90% of the time running all the way to the frontline.

    Mission 6 level 3C

    Objectives: Allies open the gas valves and plant explosives. Axis stop them.
    The Allied team an only plant the explosives after opening the 2 gas valves.
    In this level if a player shoots the silo at the end of the map, gas leaks and kills anyone who hasn’t a gasmask. Allies have gasmasks by default. To make it easier for the Axis team, there should be a shelve or table with gasmasks for the axis players to pick up.

    Mission 6 level 3D

    Allies fight their way to the other end of the map capturing 1 or 2 spawn points along the way.

    Mission 6 level 3E

    Objectives: Allies must unlock the boxcar door and escape.
    The allied team spawns in the collapsing bunker that is creating earthquakes like in single player, one allied player has to press ‘USE’ for 10-15 seconds on the boxcar door to open it while the other Allied player cover him. Axis spawn on the sniper posts.
    Once the Allied team opens the door, the train automatically starts moving as the view fades, ending the campaign.

    That’s it, a detailed script for a single player campaign in regular team based multiplayer gameplay.
    If you have your own ideas of how the levels should be played, feel free to share it here.

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