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    Geez that's a lot of work for so little return. Although I admire your passion Soarse.

    The mirror in Quake 3 is produced by a camera in the map which is projected to a user defined brush target. Similar to linking broken windows.
    By memory I think it appears in the SH version of Radiant but not the original used for AA.
    When following the tutorial, I found on creating mirrors for Quake 3, the names of the camera etc are slightly different but they are there.
    I got distracted with other projects as the interest here seemed to have faded at the time. I'm not even sure if I still have that test map I was working on.

    I found an MOH map with mirrors and PMed the link to Major but have since cleared out my PMs as it had reached the limit of 300 a few times.
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    Darn It, AccadaccA!!! You say'n that all this time you and Major_A had the answer?! This thread was made for nothing and made me spend countless sleepless nights staring at the dark trying to figure a mirror mod for MOHAA?!

    You guys kill me!! XD

    We still need to figure a way to port it to MOHAA, though.
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    Sorry man, from your earlier comments in this thread I thought you already knew about the camera until I read the last post by each you and Major.
    I only looked into it back in June (via a simple Google search) and was hoping to get help with it as the Q3 editor wouldn't work properly for me.
    I wanted to see an example map to fill in the blanks the tutorial failed to mention but it wouldn't load the game textures and everything was blue. Very confusing.
    But as I said, life got in the way, I wasn't getting anywhere with the mirror and it seemed that everyone here lost interest.

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    FAAAHHH...! I knew it!

    I knew as soon as I cleaned my msgs out I'd need to find something!!!

    I just flippin did it the other day

    I guess 300 isn't enough lol

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    lol @ Major, I had the same gut feeling when I cleaned my PM folder.
    Shit like this always happens when I finally get rid of something (usually car parts) that I've held onto for too long.
    Somebody always asks me if I have something within two weeks of throwing it.

    I got that link from legion however he is currently without internet as the box at the end of his street had its wires cut on Friday by a bumbling technician trying to set up a landline.
    So that probably won't be fixed until after the Christmas break.
    It never rains but it pours.

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    Sorry I was wrong by saying that the camera is used to make a Quake 3 mirror. It is done by the "mirror1.tga" texture and a portal surface.
    It was because I couldn't get that to work I thought to use the camera as it's used in the "camera portal" to show live footage of any given area. Like a security camera and monitor.

    The tutorials I was following are by Bubba. You can find them here.

    In the mirror tutorial it says:

    Just create a brush along the wall of your choice
    and size it to your liking. Now go up to the textures
    option and load the'common' group. Select the
    'mirror1' texture for the new brush and deselect.
    ^ That would suggest the whole brush (six surfaces) and not just the visible face. Although I have tried both ways (with & without "No Draw").

    Now right-click the mouse on the wireframe view
    and select 'misc' then 'misc_portal_surface'.

    We would substitute that by selecting "portal" from the right click context menu then select "surface".

    A little box will appear and should be placed in
    the center of the mirror brush not more than
    64 units away.
    The image shows the box approximately 8 units in front of the mirror brush. Central to both brush height and brush width.
    Unfortunately it does not mention which way to point the "portal_surface" entity (toward or away from the mirror brush). I have tried both ways.

    Deselect the box and now put a border
    around your new mirror. This has to be done
    because any exposed side of the mirror brush
    other than the surface will cause HOM effects.

    All I get is the HOM effect. But that tells me we're close.

    The mirror textured brush doesn't link to the "portal_surface" entity either. It was the camera that links to the "portal_surface" in Bubba's camera portal tutorial.
    Sorry for the confusion. With my memory 5 months ago might as well be 50 years ago. lol

    With the "portal_surface" selected, Radiant's entity windows says "The portal surface nearest this entity will show a view from the targeted portal_camera, or a mirror view if untargeted."
    One would think that for them to have these menu functions in both the regular MOH Radiant used for AA and again in the SDK Radiant means it must work.
    Yes my third correction, it is also in the regular MOH Radiant.

    I have uploaded the Quake 3 mirror textures and shader for them if anyone is insterested.
    I have also included some of my attempts in ".map" and ".bsp" formats.

    Acca's mirror files.zip

    I hope it helps. Good luck.

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