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    New Sniper server...

    Firstly, let me be quite clear!!! I AM NOT ASKING ANYONE TO SWITCH CLAN ALLEGIANCE! However, if you feel like trying out a new Sniper No Cross server, we have one up and running and would love to host any player from any Clan for social/fun matches!! At present, we are hosting only Stock MOHAA maps, but envisage adding more Custom maps as time goes by! Drop in and let us know what you think, what we could do to improve the map/experience... but if you do not like the concept, that is fine as well. The IP is It would also be great if we could get players to visit from the Asia/Pacific time zones as most players tend to be from the US... and the time difference is killing me!!! LOL Anyway, feel free to drop in, have a chat and try your hand at Sniper Only maps! Thanks guys and gals!

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    If you have a special night you expect some players or have something special going on at a set time and date,
    be sure to take advantage of the site's calendar function!

    And before you ask, yes you can have more than one event on the same day as another.

    The little flashy event tickets on the main page are linked to the calendar.


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    Thanks Major
    Will discuss with my Clan Admin and he may be interested in setting up a Friendly Fire match one day/night!!


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