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    No Cross Server/maps?

    Hi Guys and gals!

    Would like to modify the stock standard MOHAA maps to No Cross maps - have seen a couple of Clans/servers using them (eg Sniper Garage, now defunct??).
    Any tutorials on how to do this? Or what do you need to put in the maps to enable this No Cross concept?
    Alternatively, any sample (or current) No Cross maps that could be directed my way would be greatly appreciated.
    There are a number of us guys in the Southern Hemisphere who cannot always get on to servers in the North due to time differences - if I could set up a server or make access to such maps, it would be brilliant!!

    Thanks for any assistance

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    Hiya Taipan!

    Welcome back to the game! I removed some of your posts as you made lots of duplicates haha.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'No Cross', could you go into some more detail? We house the largest Map Database for the game (as well as Tutorial Database) so hopefully we must have what you mean!


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    Hi Brian
    No Cross maps are basically divide into 2 halves (down the middle, not able to be applied to all maps) and players are unable to move or cross to the other side of the map. Always been a set up for Snipers and Team Match .... for example, Malta is halved down the middle of the water body (river/lake) in the middle of the map. Of course. other Mods are made to give extra cover, or access to high points on each side, but basically it is a game where you play from one side of the map .... moving around, trying to get a position to snipe the other team. Hope this sort of makes sense.... putting in additional items is not the problem ... I would like to know how to mod a map along a certain axis to divide it into two parts! Any spawning is set up to a particular spot on both sides so that you do not re-spawn on the enemies side of the map, etc
    Thanks mate ... any help appreciated.

    PS Sorry about the multiple posts - wasn't sure which Forum or Section to ask the question in!!!
    Last edited by Taipan; 04-29-2017 at 10:23 AM.

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    So you mean you physically can't cross one half of the map? As in an invisible wall? (and ofc. both teams have their own half).

    I've actually never heard of that.. never seen a map or mod like that. Though someone might know how to do it..

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    Somehow that sounds familiar, I think it's just a clipbrush spawned the length and height you need like the tightropes or wire walk clipbrushes just bigger and vertical
    so you could do it in pretty much any map you need.

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    Thanks Brian. Yep, no cross means that you cannot physically move to the other side of the map (an invisible wall that you can still see and shoot through - just can't cross) - two servers that I know of have/had these types of maps are Sniper Garage (now no longer up and running I believe) and the ((B*O*S)) or Brotherhood of Snipers server - also known as Cafe Malta, I think!
    Anyway, thanks for the assist - hopefully someone will come up with something I could use!


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    Thanks Major!! Will look into that!


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    With scripting you can spawn a blocker on the midle of the map and split the map in 2.

    You can create spawnpoints in each side of the map independent of the others.

    On the mod have the SP maps converted to MP they work like this

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    Thanks DK!!! Appreciate the input!

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