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    Mefy Gametypes Problem (Round Never Ends)

    Hey guys,
    On my server I have been running Mefy Gametypes 122 with Sorridstroker Liberation 103 and I have had a weird bug where on occasion the match will not end. Since my map rotation is mixed I have noticed this occurs on Liberation maps and Freeze-Tag maps. What happens is sometimes (not always), when a player leaves mid match at the end of the round the words "allies/axis win!" appear at the center of the map, fade out, and then the scoreboard does not come up. Also after this happens the round doesn't reset and unless an admin changes/resets the map the round will never end. This also happens sometimes when a player leaves at the end of a map. Any ideas on a solution to the problem? My guess is that Mefy's mod isn't realizing the player left or something so that is possibly why it says the round ends, but doesn't end it.

    Was just wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem/knows how to fix it

    - <T|F|B>The Shadow

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    Also - an update to what I wrote before, the other files I run in my server are a throwing axe mod, poison gas smoke grenade mod, 100 health-pack mod, custom skins, few custom maps, custom foresight file that has stuff like anticham added to it, sorridstroker liberation 103, with anti-shark added to it, and mefy gametypes 122. If anyone needs to take a close look at these files I can email them to you.

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    Can you post the mefy mod, liberation mod and how you have setup the rotation please?
    Last edited by DoubleKill; 04-01-2017 at 01:44 PM.

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    I have change something on the liberation mod.

    Try with this one.

    Liberation Mod

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    I'll try out the liberation edit you sent here, but I think I may have found the problem. I had edited the scorebaord text on mefy Freeze-Tag, Demolition, Capture the flag etc to have our clan tags in them "<T|F|B>". I took my edited mefy pk3 out and put in an unedited mefy game-types 122 version from 2005 and the whole day the server didn't get stuck from anyone leaving. Looks like a solution for now but I'll let ya know if that changes

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    bug still occurs, only happens if someone who has been on match long time (several maps) leaves, or sometimes if spectator leaves. It happens on both Freeze-Tag/mefy gametypes and liberation...

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