Hi all long time since we did some updates.....

So first off new email address for the site and some expansion news aaaafps@gmail.com

So we are still 100% behind our old MOHAA and MOHSH and MOHBF but numbers of players have dropped a lot so we wanted to continue to support what we have achieved with ALL your support and attempt to bring new members in..............

So we are starting to expand our genre to include other PC WWII games....................

Two new items so far and all very basic at present
MOHUE http://x-null.net/mohue/ This is not available yet and no release date but read all about this new fantastic project

Next up is Days of War available on Steam and AAAA has already got a server for this game see forum http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/forums/forum.php
Please continue to support us and help our expansions we hope to see you soon !!!

Cheers Jon AKA Heastinkbod

PS Hosting is now available for DOW with the same old cheap AAAA prices