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    The ultimate mohaa mod

    Hey everyone, despite not having time for making skins I still think of new mods and I wondered what would be the ultimate mod for mohaa. I will post in parts.
    This is what in my idea would be the Ultimate Mohaa mod:
    Detailed skins of weapons;
    New weapons that do not replace the stock ones;
    Fantastic textures;
    Fantastic sounds;
    Fantastic soundtrack;
    Awsome player skins of each faction;
    Radioman and Medic classes;
    Good effects;
    Short but epic custom single-player campaign in different parts of the world where you play as a British, American and Soviet battling the Germans, Italians and Japanese;
    A multiplayer map pack with maps such as ‘streets of stalingrad 1 and 2’ and ‘obj_teamzero’.
    If this is done properly we could almost call it ‘Medal of Honor: World at War’.

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    We all know that it is possible to add a weapon and its’ attatchments to the game as long as it shares the same FPS animations of the stock weapon.
    From this i think its possible to make the following weapons:
    Walter P38:- Silenced P38, Luger P08, Silenced Luger, Walter PPK, Walter PPK silenced, Nambu pistol;
    Replace Mauser k98 with G43 rifle:- G43 sniper, G43 sniper and silencer, SVT 40 rifle and sniper;
    MP40:- PPSh 43 smg, Moschetto smg;
    STG44:-STG44 with sniper scope;
    Kar98 sniper:-Mosin Nagant rifle and sniper, Arizaka rifle and sniper, Carcano rifle and sniper;
    Colt 45;- Soviet TT-34 pistol, Beretta pistol, silenced Colt, OSS Welrod;
    M1 Garand:- M1 sniper, M1 sniper and silencer;
    Springfield sniper:- Springfield rifle, Enfield rifle and sniper;
    Thompson SMG:-PPSh 41 SMG, M1 Carbine, M1 Carbine sniper, M1 Carbine sniper and silencer;
    It is possible to convert the HSS pistol into a working full automatic SMG like I did in my ‘Medal of Honor: Return to Castle Wolfenstein’ mod, so:
    Replace HSS pistol with Sten SMG:- Silenced Sten SMG, JapaneseType 100 SMG, MP34 smg;
    BAR:- portable Browning Cal.30 and Portable MG42
    American grenade:- Mills Bomb, Soviet F1 grenade, Japanese type 97 grenade and Italian ‘Bomba-a-mano’.
    Unless we replace the BAR with the Vickers machine gun there will be no Japanese Type 100 MG
    The only way I found to give the weapons to the respective faction in multiplayer is through means of .scr files like in the mod ‘Hell in the Pacific’ where if you choose the ‘Radioman’ skin you are given a radio when you spawn. The same could be applyied to the weapons above, for example, if you choose the ‘Japanese rifleman’ skin in the multiplayer options, you will be given the Arizaka rifle when you spawn, or if you choose the Soviet submachine gunner you will be given the PPSh 41 SMG.
    To give the custom weapons to the NPC players I think you can do that by calling the specific .tik file, I think that was done in the submarine mission of MOHAA.
    Last edited by Soares93; 02-12-2017 at 03:06 PM.

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    Hi Soares!

    I have see you have made a great mod and still improving the mod.

    You are interested in to convert your mod to MOHUE Project?

    If you have give us a visit on the website on this link: MOHUE Project

    Leyok sooner is going to put some tutorials to show how to import the mods for UE4.

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    Hey guys, how do you remove the 'rechamber' animation of the k98 to make it semiauto? I'm trying to replace the Mauser with the G43. Like in the MLS server.

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    Try this, should have what your looking for. It's my weapons files, from Spearhead server.

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    It didn't work, most likelly I will have to use the STG44 anims for the G43

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    Hey guys, I mentioned adding silencers to the rifles before, but instead I think it would be better if a sniper scope could be added to the delisle carbine like in other games and use that weapon instead in the stealth missions where longer range weapons are necessary like in m6l1a. Most likelly it would use the k98 sniper fps anims.

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    Hey guys, how are you? Does any of you know the ‘name’ given to the textures of the sniper scopes of mohaa?
    For example, the textures in the weapons hud appear because of the respective .urc files like hud_ammo_bar.urc, and I was wondering if the same could be done to the sniper scopes like ‘hud_zoomoverlay.urc’.
    I want to make a full scope texture instead of a texture that only contains the ‘quarter’ of the recticule. That would give more freedom to the creation of more sniper scope skins for mohaa, allowing to make different textures in diferent parts of the lens and eliminating the ‘mirror’ effect on the lens.

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    Hey guys, here is a test skin for the springfield sniper, I will add a gloss effect later. Heavilly inspired by the CoD WaW version of the springfield.


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    Administrator Major_A's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Huntington, IN USA
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    I actually found a scope with animated dot or level...something in it.

    I obviously put it someplace so I wouldn't loose it because now I can't find it lol

    it may have something in it that may be helpful so if I find it, I'll pass it along.

    If that sounds familiar to anyone, that's probly the one I'm thinking of.

    idk if it helps but check the zoom.shader in the scripts folder...
    I have a night vision binocular mod, but it shows the kar textures in it for scope so it might be what your looking for.

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