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    I have been looking for it and haven't found it yet, but I did come across some skinners that wanted to animate the k98 scope but didn't know the shader for it. So I'm sharing it:

    surfaceparm nolightmap
    clampmap textures/hud/kartop.tga
    blendFunc blend
    alphaGen oneMinusVertex
    rgbGen vertex
    surfaceparm nolightmap
    clampmap textures/hud/karbottom.tga
    blendFunc blend
    alphaGen oneMinusVertex
    rgbGen vertex
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    Here is a screenshot of a test skin for the kar98 sniper.

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    Hey guys, is anyone availlable to rip some weapons from pacific assault like the arisaka carbine, m1 carbine and unscoped springfield?

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    Hey everyone, I finally managed to install lightray3d without the computer setting itself on fire and here is one of the first fixes on the current weapons skins, the Type100 sub machinegun with fps animations of the Sten. However due to the reposition of the model, the muzzleflash appears very far from the barrel.


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    WOW...that looks cool!

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    MOHAA came out in 2002, we are in 2017, it took 15 years to appear a Silenced Kar98 sniper, but finally we have it.
    This skin will appear in levels 2 and 3 of the mission 'Behind Enemy Lines' and it will be very usefull.


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    Here is the first update of the extra weapons mod, hope you enjoy.


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    Here is the soviet PPS 43 sub machinegun with mp40 animations, much better than the PPSh 41 with thompson anims from the recent update. You will get to use it throughout mission 6, with the one on the first levels having a supressor.


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    Hey guys, does anyone know if MOHAA/SH/BT will work in Windows 10?

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    He can run but if you have a problem to run him on the first time you have some tips on this post on xNULL maybe help you:

    MOHAA Windows 10

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